Chapter 17

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"Love is like war; easy to begin, hard to end." ~H.L Mencken.

Freya's POV

"Are you sure you really want to do this?" He asked, moving his hands softly over my cheek while staring at my lips lustfully.

"Yes, I'm sure. Please don't make me change my mind," I said to him, as doubt and fear began to seep in.

He didn't say a word but moved closer slowly until I felt his breath fanning my face. My eyes closed shut on its own accord. I stayed there taking slow deep breaths through my nose and exhaling it through my mouth. I felt his lips land softly on mine making me gasp at the shock that ran through me at the small action.

We stood completely still none of us moving before it registered that he was waiting for me to make the next move. I started moving my lips slowly and unsurely against his. He didn't respond and just stood there and I started to pull myself away as embarrassment flooded my veins.

I didn't have the chance to move when his soft lips slammed down on mine with full force making me gasp in pleasure. He quickly used this opportunity to push his tongue into my mouth and a small moan escaped my lips as our clappers met. Our tongues collided, exploring every inch of our mouths and battling furiously for dominance in which he won the battle, making me let out a small whimper of surrender. He bit my bottom lip and suckled it into his mouth making my eyes roll back in pleasure.

I had no idea how or when we moved but I knew we were in the room when I felt the cool satin sheets on my back. He quickly broke the kiss and pulled my shirt over my head while staring at my chest in lustful hunger.

I pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it to the corner of the room as I traced his hard abs slowly. My eyes ran over his six pack going lower till I got to his briefs. I traced his v-line slowly, swirling my finger in his navel making him groan lowly before dipping my hand into the waistband of his briefs making his breath hitch and his eyes darken slightly. Such bold move for a shy unskilled girl but it seemed as though an imaginary hand gave me a small push, controlling my actions.

He quickly pinned my hands above my head and unclasped my bandeau leaving my breasts in his face. His lingua, with much finesse, slowly took my nipple into his mouth before sucking on it gently while using his finger to play with the other one. I moaned and writhed under him as a wave of intense pleasure and emotion ran through my veins, resisting the urge to bury my hands in his dark mass of hair as he toyed with the mounds on my chest.

The other activities were as equally pleasurable, each taking me to heights I've never explored. I writhed and moaned and even begged him to stop at some point when I thought I was going to explode with how much I was feeling. He didn't stop but kept on going and it was a long night... long enough to make me realize how much I cherished the man who I had given myself to.

"I love you," I had said, buried in the comfort of his hands and the warmth of his chest, just before sleep reared its tired head and took over my body.


The morning after was awkward, and the level of awkwardness doubled when Javier woke up with a heart shattering smile plastered on his face. My cheeks displayed a thousand shades of red, colours I didn't even know existed. He chuckled and I groaned in embarrassment, burying my face into his side.

"Hey," he rubbed my arm, drawing lazy circles on the upper part.

"Hi," I muttered from where my face stayed hidden from the light and from him.

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