Chapter 11

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Freya's POV

"You know scrubbing the pan so hard wouldn't take away your frustration," Trent chuckled from where he's seated behind me and I looked over my shoulder to find an amused smile spreading his lips.

"I knew that already," I lied through my teeth.

He scoffed as if seeing through me. "Lies," he muttered.

"Remind me why you're here again?"

"You called me, Freya. In details, hey Trent, uhm... could you come over to my place. I'm pretty bored and I need someone to talk to. I cooked so there's food, you could bring wine though..."

"Yeah right," I rolled my eyes. I rinsed the over scrubbed pan and placed it in the dish rack. I mopped my wet hands and walked over to the fridge scanning its content. I took out a bowl of ice cream and placed it on the counter while I grabbed two cups and plastic spoons from the drawer.

"Do you care for?" I asked him.

"You already brought out two cups, Freya. Or are you expecting someone? Javier perhaps?" He asked.

"Oh please," I rolled my eyes. "Serve yourself," I took out two scoops of the green coloured ice cream into my cup and took it into the living room. I plopped down on the couch and flipped through channels stopping on a random channel. I felt the chair sink beside me and I didn't have to look to my side to know that Trent already occupied the space on my left. Tommy ran into the living wagging its tail as he settled on the rug in front of me.

"Spill," Trent stated.

"Huh," I asked confused.

"I know something's on your mind and you needed someone to talk to which was why you called me so spill."

I looked to my side just in time to see him put a full spoon of ice cream into his mouth. His full lips closed around the spoon and the content disappeared into his mouth. I shook my head to rid it of stray thoughts before sighing.

"I don't get why he didn't call me though," I started.

"Who?" Trent asked absentmindedly as he took another scoop of ice cream into his mouth.

"Are you slow or you really are clueless?" I glared.

"Ah! Javier. Got it!" He smirked and I hit the back of his head with the remote.

"He hurt my pride. I told him not to put in any good word for me to pops but he went ahead and did that and even sent pops my picture. I don't like being helped and now I feel like I owe him."

"Now that explains how you got the job so easily," Trent mumbled and my glare intensified.

"You're really not helping," I groaned.

"No really. Pops doesn't like being helped and ever since his last help left town, he hasn't gotten any replacement for him. If Javier hadn't put in a good word for you, there's a high probability you wouldn't have gotten the job. Not because you're not qualified, but because pops doesn't like being helped," he explained.

"And pops likes you. He wouldn't have taken anyone he didn't like," he added.

"So it means I'm overreacting?" I asked him.

"You're definitely overreacting," he smirked and I hit him again, this time with one of Tommy's plush toys.

"You don't even know what I did,"

"I don't need to know. I can guess, you've been ignoring Javier and you've not called him or sent him a text at least."

"But he also hasn't called me. He's also at fault here," I groaned feeling the guilt seep into my bones.

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