Chapter 8

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Javier's POV

"Morning brother!" Brent grinned as I stepped into the dining room.

"Did you use my room?" I glared.

"Uhm about that… I was going to tell yo—"

"To tell me what huh? Why the hell would you use my room. And you didn't even properly dispose the roll. Talk about disgusting." I huffed taking a sit at my spot.

"Wait what! Roll it back a bit. Brent you brought a lady into this house?" Drew asked, his eyes focused on Brent. Hayden snickered.

"Well yeah as a matter of fact, I did bring a lady to this house. I'm a grown ass man who can do whatever the fuck he wants and I did whatever the fuck I wanted." Brent turned his eyes to me.

"And I don't get why you're being really pissy today—" I raised a brow at him.

"—Uh maybe not in your room or I should have asked first but then you never yell. You alright?" He asked.

"I'm fine." I scoffed. "Don't just go to my room again. Do your shit in your own room. That's why you have one."

"But then my room isn't as fine as yours."

"Shut the hell up Brent." Rachel said and everyone turned to stare at her.

"What?" She shrugged "He was spewing too much shit." She licked her hand stained with peanut butter.

"That's my wife." Drew said with a proud smirk on his face. "And Brent I don't care if you're a grown ass man. Do your shitty business in your office. I've got kids in this house who barge into any freaking room of their choice." He glared at Brent.

"Uhm Drew… remember the girl we were talking about few weeks back? The one who just moved into town?" I started and Drew looked up at me at the mention of his name.

"Yeah Freya… What about her?"

"I need her address."

"You don't have it? I thought she was your patient." His brows pulled together in confusion.

"Yeah… I have her old address not the one in shadow Creek."

"Well you would know these things if you put your snout on the ground sometime. She's staying at that land that belonged to the Musgrave family." He said feeding Doris a piece of bacon which she gobbled hungrily. The girl eats like a wolf sometimes.

"I thought that place was dead!"

Three generations of the Musgrave family lived there for over fifty years until recently when Sophia Musgrave decided to move out of the house to tour the world before her death. She had no children or next of kin. With no one to leave it to, she enlisted the help of Matilda Iker in selling the house.

"Yeah bro its dead. Carlton did a renovation on the house though. It looks as good as new now. I've been there."

"Hmm." Was all I could reply. I already made up my mind to pay Freya a visit. I didn't think she would want to see me if I called to inform her that I was coming over. I only hoped she didn't send me away. She stormed off angry the day before and I caught sight of her tears as Trent drove out of the lot. I didn't expect her to get so pissed at my comment. Maybe I chastised her a little bit as her eating junks had nothing to do with training, but I only wanted her to healthy stuff. Apparently she flipped and didn't show up to training yesterday.

"Hey Javi can I ride with you? I'm also heading to the gym." Hayden asked.

"Uhm no. I have to go somewhere. You could take my bike though." I offered.

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