Chapter 3

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~This chapter is dedicated to all mothers reading my book. Mothers are like mini gods. I babysat three kids yesterday and even though I've been babysitting my nephew for about three years now, it was still overwhelming for me. Lol.~

Freya's POV

"Oh hi good morning. Hold on a sec-" I said fishing out my pen and notepad to take down the address of the house. It has been a week since I decided to move to shadow Creek and I had been stalling hoping for some miracle to happen but all of that ended when an agent called, stating she found a house for me that fit my budget price but the house was out on lease.

"You said it needed renovating and restructuring right?" I asked and the lady hummed on the other end.

"Okay could you recommend someone to handle that for me. I'm uhm unable to move around as much." I said referring to my incapacitated leg.

"Hmm okay sure. I'll tell him to give you a call. I bet you he'll do a good job." She replied and relief filled every cell in my body. We discussed for a few more minutes hashing out payment plans, documents exchanged and all other detailing. I ended the call and sighed laying on my bed. Less than an hour later, the phone started ringing.

'Who the hell is calling now...'

"Hello Freya Willis speaking..." I trailed off, expecting the stranger to fill in the rest of the information.

"Hi I'm Carlton. Carlton Iker. Mati said you needed a hand with construction?" His gruff, slightly Hispanic voice flowed through the phone and my brain immediately conjured up a image of a huge hairy bouncer-like guy to pair with the voice.

"Oh yeah I need help. Thank you for calling. I have to move the Shadow Creek by month end so I need the house to be ready but I can't quite drive over there to take a look at the current state of the house to correct things so could we work through mails?" I explained my dilemma.

"Yeah sure." Was his reply.

"Okay cool. You could start by sending me pictures of the house right now. I could review it and jot down what needs to be changed then I'll send them back to you with my preferred design. I'd pick out wall colours also and wallpapers and then the furniture could always be ordered. Is that okay?" I asked the man.

"Yeah sure." He replied once again. If he hadn't introduced himself at the start of the call, I'd have bet the only English sentence he knew was 'yeah sure'.

"Okay miss. I'll go over to the house tomorrow to take a look at it. Although it's one I know quite well. Everyone knows everyone in shadow creek." He laughed and a frown forms on my face. Everyone knews everyone in Shadow Creek.

"Okay that would be fine. I'd be expecting the pictures. How much would all of this cost?" I asked silently dreading the huge bill he'd dump on my head with the others.

"Oh don't worry about that. It's been settled. Mati told me about your... issues." He said and I gritted my teeth together to keep myself from screaming out in frustration. For some reason people thought they were at liberty to share my monetary problems with just anyone.

"Thanks for the offer but I don't take charity. I'll love to pay for my stuffs."

"Oh.... you really don't need to it's be—"

"Yeah. I need to. I'd appreciate it if you could draw up a budget of what the renovation costs and email it to me." I said and he agreed before ending the call.

True to his word, I received his email with the pictures of the house, a lengthy explanation on what needed to be broken down, rebuilt, retouched and all that. He also attached a budget and after thorough analysis I realize it's feasible. We discussed over the phone for the next few days going over the plans and we were done with all things planning by the end of the week. I stopped calling, leaving him to do his job and instead focused on packing up my belongings into boxes. I picked a room a day and considering I had seven rooms-- kitchen, pantry, restroom inclusive-- it takes the whole of the week after to gather all my stuff into boxes. The last week was used for settling debts, collecting the last of my mum's pension bills and organizing a tow truck for my car and a mover truck for my boxes. Carlton also called to inform me the house was done and I felt a sense of apprehension knowing how short the time he used was. As if sensing my doubts, he sent me pictures of the finished house and I really couldn't believe my eyes.

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