Chapter 15

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"When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth." Dawn of the Dead.

Freya's POV

Someone had been in my apartment...

There are days when you think the world isn't that bad after all, where you think being alive is a gift not everyone has and you count yourself lucky to be among the gifted. You think nothing can go wrong with the world, I mean, you are happy, contented, healthy, in love, what more could you ask for? And then in that moment of appreciation, of thankfulness, of gratitude to the earth and it's maker, you are left unguarded, unprotected, vulnerable to the wave of ill that strikes at full force and throws you off balance. Then you realize that there has never been a world so imperfect as the one you are in. Bliss is long lasting until reality wakes you up from your blithe slumber bearing gifts of grief, fear and of impending doom...

"Hey... you there?" I heard Javier's voice call out to me through the phone.

"Yes, yes I am."

"Are you sure you're okay, love? You've been spacing out a whole lot," I could detect a hint of worry and concern in his tone.

It had been a week, a week since he had traveled across the world to Africa. I honestly didn't know how to react when he informed me he had been assigned there. I mean, I've heard stories about the continent. He reassured me and still reassures me that everything is fine over there and that it's beautiful too.

"I'm okay, Javi." I rubbed lazy circles over the kitchen counter top. "No need to worry. Everything is fine."

"Okay, babe. If you say so."

"So tell me about you day," I asked the one question I wasn't supposed to be asking considering it took just that one inquiry to make his mouth work faster than a tap. The time difference was a really weird one where his day was my night and vice-versa. It was night over there now and it was the only time we could get to speak with each other considering he had duties to perform throughout the day and I was always too tired from work at the diner to stay up at night. He would wake me up each morning and we would talk through my morning routine till I'm ready to head out to work.

"Babe... babe..." I cut him off, waiting for him to stop talking before finishing my sentence.

"What's up?" he asked, although I'm pretty sure he knew what I was about to say.

"I have to head out to work."

"Okay. I'll walk you to the car."

"You can't walk me out, silly," I chuckled, gathering my purse and other items I needed. I finished my tea and put the cup in the dishwasher before heading out of the kitchen to the door.

"Of course I can. I'm in your ear which means I'm in your heart and that means I'm with you in spirit," I imagined him grinning.

"That doesn't even make any sense, Javier," I rolled my eyes.

"It did... at least to me."

"Whatever." I stepped out of my house, after setting the alarm. I locked the door and jogged down the walkway to the car parked by the road.

"I really have to go now," I said.

"You've gotten to your car? That was fast," he hummed.

"You think I'm telling a lie?" I scoffed. I put the phone on speaker and knocked on the passengers window. Trent pressed the button and the glass rolled down slowly. "Say hi, Trent."

"Hey, boss. How is Afi-ree-car?" I laughed at his emphasis on the word. He thinks dragging out the word makes it sound conventional.

"Hey. It's good, man. Everything's great... except your pronunciation. That's shit." Javi laughed.

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