Chapter 5

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~Private therapy room portrayed at the top.~

Freya's POV

I hit the alarm hard a second time and groaned putting a pillow over my head. My leg ached badly and I felt shitty like I had not slept in a month. My house was set up and I'd forever be grateful to the man who sent over one of his boys to help fix my TV and check the connections in the house. Now I had my alarm system working and everything was in place. Someone else was coming in to drive me to the clinic and if I didn't get my ass up, I'd be late and I definitely didn't want to be late for my first appointment. If anyone was going to mess up, it would have to be them at the clinic so I could have a a solid reason to yell and let off steam.

Talking about the clinic...

Why did he have to be so calm? I had expected him to call security at some point so I could have a solid reason to call Doctor Chuck and rant to her about how poorly I was treated. Walking behind him as he led the way to his office, my eyes involuntarily wandered to his broad shoulders supported by thick muscly arms. His office was a grandiose view and it took my breath away that I had to stop and take in its picturesque decor. It was all white with his table a polished mahogany. A shelf stood in the side with well arranged books and an examination bed at the other side with white linen spread over it. He had a rug in the centre with a glass table flanked by two mahogany couch chairs but in the end all I said was 'nice place' so I could sound disinterested. I guess I overdid the act just a little-- maybe not a little.

I went into the bathroom leaning heavily on my crutches as Tommy whined licking my leg.

"Hey buddy. I'm alright." I rubbed his hair gently and he purred leaning into my touch making me chuckle. I brushed my teeth and used the toilet with Tommy watching me warily like I'd soon collapse. I let him out of the bathroom so I could take a shower. I soaked my leg in not-so-hot water and the heat seeped into my bones granting me relief from the ache. I got out of the shower and went into my closet which I didn't waste time picking outfits. I threw on a pair of black Nike leggings and a tank top with an oversized hoodie. I didn't bother with sports shoes since I could only wear one leg, opting for slides instead.

I took the last gulp of my coffee just as the door bell rang. I rinsed the cup placing it in the rack before walking to the door. I peeped through the one way glass above the door where I could see the person but they couldn't see me, a guy with tattooed neck and face, and piercings meant for the ear of ten babies rocked back and forth on his heels outside the door. I cracked open the door just a little and his head whipped around to meet mine. He smiled widely. Tommy's head popped up from under my leg and he barked loudly at the stranger.

"Hi, I'm Trent. I'm your driver till you don't need my help anymore." He grinned. I rose a brow.

"Why do you have so many tattoos and piercings?" I blurted out the first question that popped into my head.

"I'm a biker. Most bikers in shadow Creek have tattoos. It's not like a requirement, we just love 'em. All my tattoos mean different things."

"Hm... okay then. Just a second." I shut the door in his face not meaning to be rude but also not willing to invite the stranger with a name into my apartment. I rubbed Tommy's head as he trailed me whining sadly.

"I'm sorry, baby. You can't go out with me today. I'm starting therapy." I rubbed his head and his tail wagged in oscillation.

I grabbed my phone, keys and gym bag before joining him on the front porch.

"Okay I'm all set." I handed over the car keys quite warily wondering how nice he'll treat my baby.

"Don't worry. I'm good with cars just as much as bikes." He chuckled. I guess he sensed my apprehension. I got in the passenger's seat with his help. He placed my crutches in the back before rounding the car to the driver's side.

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