Chapter 15- Daniel- Not

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"Well, hello there, babe," I heard a male's voice from behind me and I turned around to be met with... Daniel? Well I mean, he looked exactly like him, spoke exactly like him, but... something was off. Then it clicked, his scent. It wasn't the exact, same, intoxicating scent I was used to. It was very close, but not it. Maybe it was a new shampoo or something?

"Hey, Daniel. I thought you were checking the premises?" Daniel looked at me with eyebrows raised in amusement; his eyes held a flicker of mischief and an evil glint sparkled in his eyes.

"Nope, I decided to hang back with you instead." He spoke as if waiting for my approval or something.

"Are you okay? You're acting a bit weird..." I trailed off as he walked closer and then wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me in as I wrapped my arms around his neck hesitantly. The weird thing is, there were no sparks and the feeling of his touch that made me go weak, wasn't there either.

"I am perfectly fine, baby. I guess I just feel extra lucky to have you by my side, you know?" He tilted his head as he looked into my eyes with a small smile. I smiled at his words, but something still felt wrong.

"Oh, okay then." He leaned in for a kiss, but before his lips met mine, he was yanked out of my arms forcefully.

"What the fuck man!?" Daniel yelled at Dan- wait! I looked at both Daniels who were glaring at eachother. The Daniel who yanked the other Daniel off, grabbed me by the waist and held me closely with possessiveness. Immediately, the familiar sparks soared through and invaded my body.

"You took game from me, man!" The Daniel who almost kissed me yelled at the Daniel holding me.

"She's mine. Be thankful that you're my brother or you would have lost your life on the spot," the Daniel holding me growled in warning and anger.

"Woah, man! You always did get the hot ones," Daniel number two said with a toothy grin which only caused Daniel number one to growl louder.

"Wait, you have twin and you didn't tell me?" I asked Daniel number one after I recovered from the shock.

"Unfortunately," Daniel number one mumbled under his breath and rolled his eyes, his growling had seized, but his grip hadn't.

"I heard that," Daniel number two stated with narrowes eyes.

"Who's older, you or Daniel number two?" I asked and they both turned to look at me in amusement.

"Daniel number two?" Daniel number one asked and his brother just chuckled.

"Well I don't know his name," I sheepishly responded and looked at my shoes with a smile.

"My name is Nathaniel, but you can call me," he responded with all cockiness and a wink, which caused Daniel to growl.

"Call you what?" I asked and for some reason, Daniel burst out laughing.

"Nice one, man," Daniel said through a chuckle and his brother just narrowed his eyes at him.

"Whatever," he grumbled back. "I came here to ask if I could stay in your pack for a while. Traveling can get a bit tiring and your pack was close to my last traveling spot and well..."

"Of course you can. We're family after all," Daniel said with a smile and then looked down at me and back to Nathaniel. "But if I see you pulling something like that again, you'll wish you never stopped by." Even though he was still smiling, something in his tone said not to test him.

"Deal," Nathaniel answered with a grin and I'm pretty sure he didn't hear the last part considering  the fact that he didn't even flinch.

"Good. Come inside and I'll send someone to prepare a guest room  for you."

"What? I don't share a room with her?"

Oh boy...


** Author's Note **

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