Chapter 8- Cookies

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Lying face first on a bed for about two hours is really boring. Every time I go for a walk though, Daniel always finds me and gets mad at me for going out. Eric isn't here anymore, now that I thought about it. Must be because of the pack meetings that are happening everyday.

My stomach growls and I realized I haven't eaten anything for a very long time...

I open the mini fridge, that I begged Daniel to keep, and found some yogurt with fruit. I would've preferred some pizza or something, but I can't really complain when it comes to food.

Happily eating some strawberry yogurt, I headed out to the garden I was at a few days ago with Eric.

"Puetty Lady!" I heard a very familiar voice call out. I turned around and was met with non other than-


She squealed as I hugged her and picked her up in my arms. I moved the yogurt and spoon to my left hand as I supported Megan's small frame with my right one.

"Where have you been, Megan? I haven't seen you for days."

"I'm sowy, I had a lot of school homewoke, but I'm finished now!" A huge smile broke out from her as she threw her hands up, making me hold her tighter as a small laugh escaped my lips.

"That's very nice to hear, Megan."

"Can we make cookies? Matha bwoght some supplies fo us to make some!" Her eyes widened in excitement and I couldn't help but smile at her eagerness.

"Of course we can, c'mon!" Okay, so I was a bit excited to make cookies, but I mean, you would be excited too if you were to have some.

We got to the kitchen and an elder lady was putting something very delicious smelling in the oven.

"Hello, Ma'am," I called out in a small voice. I wasn't sure if she'd be nice or not.

"Oh! Hello there, young lady. I don't believe I've seen you around before, dear," She responded politely as she finished closing the oven door.

"No, I came in a few days ago, probably weeks. My name is Chloe Waters," I introduced myself as I set my yogurt and spoon down on the marble counter. I extended my hand, but she took me by surprise when she pulled my hand and engulfed me in a very tight hug.

"Oh my! My name's Martha, famous cook, if I do say so myself. Welcome, welocome, Chloe." She pulled me from her, her out-stretched hands on my shoulders and a wide grin on her face.

"Thank you, Martha."

"Matha! Puetty Lady and I awe going to make cookies!"

"Is that so? Well, I'll leave you two, to get your baking on. Call me if the kitchen sets on fire, it tends to do so."

"Nice meeting  you," I called out to a retrieving Martha.

"Megan, does the kitchen really set on fire often?" I asked Megan with a worried look, still looking at the direction Martha headed out to. She only put her hands on her mouth and giggled.

Oh boy.


"Puetty Lady, I'm puetty sure chocolate chip cookies awen't supposed to look like oweos," Megan commented as we studied the plate of burnt cookies on the kitchen island. I think I left them in the other oven longer than instructed.

"Well, at least we can learn from our mistakes. Right, Megan?" Her flour covered face looked up to meet my eyes.

"Wight." She giggled.

"What's so funny, Megan?"

"Youw face has the flouw." She giggled even more as she pointed at my cheeks.

"Oh yeah, well so does yours!" I rubbed my hand genly enough to smear some flour on her left cheek and she squealed in joy.

"My tuwn!" She called as she grabbed a handful of flour from the bag.

"Megan, you're so nice, you wouldn't really do that would you?" I said as I slowly walked backwards with my hands out in front of me. A mischievous glint in her eye gave me my answer. She was sitting on the kitchen stool so we were face to face. I ran quickly to the other side of the island as her hand released the flour.

"Ha! You missed me!" I threw my hands up in victory amd did a little not- so-attractive-dance. I grabbed some flour and prepared to throw it at Megan.

She ducked when I swung my hand and threw the flour. I closed my eyes. Did I get her? She's being really quiet. What if I got her in the eye?

I opened my eyes and was met with a bare chest. Looking up, I saw a white, powdered, face Daniel. His eyes were hard and his fists were clenched.



**Author's Note**

Ohhh cliff hanger guys! Okay so, this was a short chapter dedicated to all my fellow, loyal readers *cough* *cough* you. It has another Chloe and Megan moment because someone commented that they would like me to bring Megan back so, SHE'S BACK. Yes, I'm aware of the misspellings, but it's because Megan is missing teeth (as mentioned a few chapters back) and it emphasizes how she speaks.

The banner I made on the side, was what Chloe said in the previous chapter, just in case you didn't remember. I actually am quite proud of that little quote hehe... Anyways, vote if you enjoyed Chapter 7 of Stone Heart and blast my notifications with comments!!! Go crazy!

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