Chapter 10- Him

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I need to tell Daniel about my suspicions. Following his scent cautiously, I was led to a small door deep inside the mansion. Daniel's scent was mixed with someone else's blood. Hiding in corners of the dark, lit hallways as warriors passed by and guarded, I found another door that led to another hallway.

"Tell me why the fuck you're in my territory and why the fuck I shouldn't kill you right this instant," I heard Daniel's familiar rough voice around the corner.

"I was ordered to, I swear, please!" Someone cried and pleaded in despair.

"Ordered to what?" Daniel barked.

"He told me to tell you that he's coming. You took his promised wife from him and he wants her back. He won't stop until until he has her in his hands with child," the prisoner responded.

"Who the fuck sent you?" Daniel asked in a hard tone.

"I'm not supposed to say, he'll kill my family. I swear, please!" The man started sobbing. Poor man, he's suffering because of me.

"Is she his mate? Does she want to leave with him?" He asked more in a rhetorical way. I knew Daniel had figured out who the girl the man was talking about was.

"No. She's been gone since November 3rd. Three weeks missing and the Alpha is going crazy. He sent one of us to each pack around to see which one she ran off to."

"Why does he want someone who isn't his mate?"

"He can't find his mate anywhere, even after searching for over thirty years. He needs someone to pass the title down to. When he set his eyes on something, no one can change his mind or get in his way; and well, he set his eyes on that poor girl."

"Well then, I guess we'll have to send a message of our own to your Alpha. I'm here now, and he better change his damn mind. She's fucking mine and it's going to stay that way," Daniel responded with possessiveness. "Kill him."

"Daniel, no!" I jumped from around the corner just as one of the warriors pulled his gun out and pressed it against the prisoner's temple. Daniel whipped his head around to look at me.

"Get the hell away from here, Chloe. This isn't somewhere safe to be," he responded with authority and anger.

"So you can what? Hurt and kill innocent people? You heard what he said, he was forced to, for his family..." Empathy settled in and I trailed off. My mind went to my own father who had died protecting us. I looked up to meet Daniel's softened eyes. "Please," I whispered.

"Taken him to the border. If you say a word to your Alpha, about the girl who just spared your fucking life, living here, you'll regret ever existing. If you see him again, kill him without a second thought," Daniel ordered with a sigh at the end as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Yes, Alpha." One of the buff looking warriors responded. They unchained the man and led him out. Before heading out though, he looked at me with a grateful expression, thanking me. I simply smiled and nodded in return. "You're the first person to walk out that cell alive, buddy. Consider yourself lucky," I heard the warrior say to the man as they went down the hallway.

"Never, I mean never, come down here again without my consent, Chloe," Daniel said as he came closer.

"That's funny, I could have sworn I just saved a life by simply stating out my opinion," I mocked.

"No, you saved me from having to get my hands dirty with a crimson red color," he mocked back.

"It was a win-win, Daniel. You're welcome."

"Now don't get cocky with me, kitten." I sighed.

"Back to the nicknames, I see... kitty."

"I'll let that one slide for a kiss," he was chest to chest with me and his tall frame hovered over mine. His arms snaked around my waist and my hands traveled instinctively around his neck. He bent his neck and brushed his lips against mine. When he was going to seal or lips, I jerked my head back and kissed his strong jaw. He let out a growl that I felt vibrating from his chest. I pretended to lean in for his lips, but only quickly brushed them against the corner of his mouth.

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