Chapter 21- Gone

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Alpha Henry to the side.

"Where is he?" I heard a muffled voice ask. My eyes were closed because I was too scared and I didn't want the two people in the room to know I was awake. I tried controlling my breathing so it wouldn't give me away.

"Where's who?" The two voices were too familiar for me not to know who they belonged to. Sarah and Henry.

"Don't act stupid, Henry. You made me betray my best friend in exchange for Josh. Where is he, please just let him go," she pleaded. Josh. Where was Josh? A loud smack sound was heard.

"Don't forget that I'm still your Alpha, bitch," he bit out. Her sobs were heard and I almost felt pitty for her. Almost.

"Please," she cried out softly. I winced at her suffering.

"Ah, you're awake," I heard him say. There was no point in pretending anymore, so I opened my eyes. "My beautiful Chloe. You found your mate didn't you? You cheated on me!"

"Cheated on you?! We were never together. I am not going to be with someone as horrible as you, Henry."

"Would you do it for your mate?" He had a triumph smirk when he saw my look of horror.

"What?" I asked softly.

"Your mate fell for the little girl trap. All I had to do was put a small child in danger and your oh-so-kind-mate went in to help her. But what happens when someone shoots an arrow with wolf's bane while he was busy with the little girl? That's right, victory happens. Now look at your poor mate." He scooted the curtain on one of the windows to the side and I almost passed out.

Daniel was held down with thick chains and a huge arrow was coming out of his back. His head was down and blood was all I saw.

"Let him go!" I cried out sobbing. This was all my fault. I did this to him, no one else did. "Please, Henry! I'll do whatever you ask and say just please!" I got on my knees as I begged and pleaded for him to let my mate go.

"That's more like it." Soon, I saw two of his pack members attend Daniel and I let out a sigh of relief. I turned my attention to the person I once trusted.

"Why?" I asked.

"They have Josh," was all she said. The door to what was once my room opened and I beaten up Josh was thrown in.

"Oh my gosh, Josh!" Sarah cried. She ran to his side and hugged him.

"Get out," Henry barked. Sarah scrambled to her feet and carried a half unconscious Josh out.

"I hope one day you'll be able to forgive me. I'm so sorry," was all she said my way and then headed out.

"Now, Chloe. We have to mate for all this to be over. I've waited all my life for this moment. I even had to get your father out of the way," my heart froze at his words and my body went cold.

"W-what did you say?" I asked in horror. He sighed and explained.

"Ten years ago, I asked your father for your hand. He said he was sorry, but there was no way he could do that. I wanted you, Chloe, so I set up a fake rogue attack. It was all a set up so that I would be able to take you without your daddy in the way. He got what he deserved." His last words rang in my ears. It was him. I breathed in heavily, another attack coming in.

"Shhh... breathe in, baby," he cooed and my stomach twisted in disgust. He came near me and I scooted as far away possible, but the chains on my hands and feet made it hard.

"Get away from me!" I yelled. He growled and pressed his lips with my closed mouth. I shook my head, but he grabbed it with both hands and kissed me roughly. My mouth was shut tight and I pursed my lips as tight as I could. Frustrated, he slipped his hands... [A/N GO TO RESTRICTED CHAPTERS FOR THIS REALLY TINY PART IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT HENRY DOES TO CHLOE!!! IF NOT, KEEP READING!!]

I yelled in frustration, but it seemed as if I was only screaming in vain. Was this really how I would have my first time? Not with my mate but with someone as disgusting as him? Was I going to be stuck with him for the rest of my life?

The door burst open and Daniel came in. Daniel? If that was Daniel then who was... Nathaniel.

He looked at the scene and never have I seen him so furious. His eyed were absolutely pitch black and his body was shaking so hard, I could feel it from where I was. He came to Henry so fast, I only felt him being ripped off me.

Henry flew to the other side of the room with a hard crash. Daniel stomped over to him and punch him so hard so many times, that I lost count.

"Is this what you do, you fucking prick? You take other people's mates and try to rape them?" Daniel roared and threw Henry against the wall. Blood poured out from Henry and I closed my eyes, trying not to throw up. Henry shifted and so did Daniel, both of them breaking the window as they fought each other outside.

Henry bit Daniel's leg and Daniel bit Henry's ear off. Henry howled in pain, but Daniel continued. He tore of Henry's legs one by one. I could see Henry's chest rising and falling, still breathing, feeling everything done to him slowly. Daniel looked up to my window and we made eye contact. His eyes asked me for permission. I nodded.

Henry's head was torn off.

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