Chapter 11- The Note

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**Roger's picture to the side!**

The pain on my wrists was almost as unbearable as the pain on my ankle.

"What's wrong, baby? Oh, does your ankle hurt? Or is it the hand cuffs?" He mocked.

"Please, Roger. Just let me go," I begged. He sighed in annoyance and ran his fingers through his messy hair. Daniel's hair is better...


"Look, Chloe. I can end your suffering if you just say that you accept leaving with me. We'll form our own little family far away from all this shit. Think about it. We'll go wherever you want, whenever you want," he talked as if the possibility of me agreeing was existant.

"I can't. I won't. Roger if you just pleas-" another slap.

"We're leaving in a few hours whether you want to, or not. I'm not discussing this with you any more." He got up and left.

Looking towards the small window, I could see that it was already morning and the sound of birds chirping were heard. I closed my eyes and let out a deep breath.

◆Alpha Daniel's P.O.V◆

"It was nice doing business with you, Alpha Mason." I got up and firmly shook his hand.

"No problem, Alpha Daniel. The pleasure was all mine," he responded and with a final nod, he walked out.

I rubbed my face with both hands and sighed.


I got up and made my way out. She must be waiting for me ups- a sharp pain was felt in my chest and I stumbled. My wolf whined in pain and I dropped to the ground.

"Alpha Daniel! Is everything alright?" Sean asked as he came to my aid. I took his outstretched hand and just like that, the pain was gone.

"Where's Chloe?" I asked as I quickly made my way upstairs to our room with Sean hot on my heels.

"She was last seen heading towards your bedroom, Alpha." I nodded and once I got to our bedroom door, I burst it open.

"Chloe?" The bed was neatly made so I headed towards the bathroom. Nothing.

"Sean, mind-link every person on border patrol to follow Chloe's scent."

"Yes, Alpha."

I ran downstairs and shifted as I reached the forest.

"Alpha, we have something on the east border. It's a scent we don't recognize and doesn't belong to this pack," one of my warriors mind-linked me. Running full speed, the faint smell of Chloe's intoxicating scent was present along with- a male's scent. My wolf growled in jealously and I spotted two of my warriors looking down at something. A deep pit.

"What's this?"

"Seems like someone was here earlier and dug this, Alpha."

I sniffed around and was met with a small, white envelope.


I'm so sorry. I can't handle the fact that someone like you is my mate. You're a killer and I don't want that. Someone is waiting for me with open arms and it's not you. Sorry. Move on and don't look for me, look for someone else who can actually love you for what you are. A murderer.


My heart cracked and my wolf howled in pain. She's gone.


My hands traveled under her thighs and lifted her up against the wall as she wrapped her legs around my waist. Holding her up with one hand as my other hand slid up her shirt, slowly moving in circles, I kissed her soft lips. Her fingers lost themselves in my hair and I lost myself in her scent. The way she bit my lip with my body pressed against hers, made my wolf howl with joy. Our lips moving in sync and our tongues wrestling for dominance, made me loose myself at the moment. I fogot who I was and what I did for a living. At that very moment, nothing else mattered but keeping her safe with me.

End of Flashback

Bullshit. This wasn't her doing. She didn't leave out of her will because I felt what she felt during our little moment. Someone took her away from me, and that someone was handing in their death wish.

"Get our best warriors here. We're getting back what fucking belongs to me," I ordered after shifting back to human form.

I'm getting Chloe back and I'll make sure whoever the hell took her away from me, will know who he messed with.

Daniel fucking Daemons.

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