Chapter 2- Captured

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It's been exactly two days since I left my home behind. I'm traveling in human form because it's a lot more easier for us wolves to track other wolves down in wolf form. I've tried eating as little as possible, but I mean, who can resist food after eating it all their life? All I know is that if I was in a "Man vs Wild" show, I would have probably died already.

Reality slapped me in the face... hard. I'm a rogue now. Chloe Waters a rogue. A rogue is the most hated creature in the werewolf world. They are lone werewolves with no laws and become vicious due to the fact that they aren't in a pack anymore, whether it's because they betrayed their pack or something nearly as horrible. I mean, I didn't betray the pack, I just didn't want to marry a pedophile.

I heard a twig snap and I turned my head towards the direction it came from, becoming very alert. It was like that moment in a movie where there is a lot of noise and tree movement coming from that direction and all that suspense builds up only to find out it was a cute, innocent, little bunny. Yeah well, luck hates me and instead of that cute bunny, a grey wolf emerged from the bushes. I sniffed the air and detected it was a rogue and not a very friendly one either. You see, rogues develop a unique scent that lets you know they are rogues and have also become vicious.

The wolf went behind a tree to what I guess was to change. I was right, a man in about his early twenties came back out with a faint smirk plastered on his face.

"Well, well, well. Look what we have here," he spoke.


Alpha Daniel's P.O.V.

"Alpha, we have detected a rogue that trespassed our territory," my Beta, Derrek, mind linked me.

"You know what to do, capture and kill," I responded.

"Yes Alpha, but we have detected another scent, it's not strong enough to be considered a rogue, but it's not from someone in our territory either," he mind linked back. An unfamiliar scent but is not a rogue? My mind spun with different possibilities, so I decided it would be better if I checked it out for myself.

"Kill the rogue, but bring whoever the scent belongs to, here immediately," I ordered.

"Yes, Alpha."

Chloe's P.O.V.

"Run, Chloe, run!" My wolf exclaimed in panic and I listened to her. I spun on my heals, ran, and then I shifted.

 I didn't know where I was anymore, but that didn't stop me from running faster when I heard loud thumps behind me. 

Suddenly, I stepped into a beautiful clearing with bright, green, grass and colorful flowers. I ran in awe, but my gawking was interrupted by the grey wolf who jumped on me and growled, baring his teeth at me in a very menacing way. 

I snapped my jaws in an attempt to try to bite him, but it was no use. He had me pinned down and my small wolf was to weak for someone like him. He growled as his face leaned in closer to my neck for an instant kill. This is it- this is how I would die. Goodbye Mom, Josh, Sarah, food... mate.

I closed my eyes waiting for his teeth to sink into my skin, but they never came. Instead, I felt the grey wolf get knocked out by a large wolf and was instantly killed. I got up and was about to run away, when someone from behind a tree stopped me.

"Stop right there and shift, now!" It ordered in a very powerful and authoritative voice, but not authoritative enough to be an Alpha, probably a Beta. I was scared so I did as I was told after walking behind a tree. Realizing only then that I had left my suitcases with my clothes inside a few yards back.

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