Chapter 9- Cookies Part Two

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"Chloe," Daniel was shaking so violently in anger, that it made me start shaking in fear.

"D-Daniel, I am so sorry," I outstretched my hands and slowly walked backwards, my eyes never leaving Daniel's.

The shaking became faster and his fists clenched and unclenched. All the while, Megan stood watching intently, biting a burnt cookie.

Everything happened so fast. One second I'm looking at Megan and the next my eyes are closed and there's flour on them. I opened my eyes and stared at Daniel, who stared back at me, who was stared at by an open- mouthed Megan who dropped her burnt cookie.

The whole room is suddenly filled with Daniel's non- stop, rumbling laughter. He bent and clutched his stomach with one hand, while grabbing the corner of the kitchen counter with the other for support.

"Y-you should ha-" more laughter. "ve seen y-your f-face!" He was laughing so hard, tears were visible in his eyes. I would never admit it to him because it would boost up his ego, but it was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard. The way the corner of his eyes crinkled, and the way his eyes shined, made me break out a small smile.

"Oh, you think it's so funny don't you?" I grabbed another handful of flour and threw it at a laughing Daniel. I broke down in hysterics because his mouth was wide opened. He immediately stopped and started coughing in disgust. When his coughing and spitting fit stopped, I was the one in tears. He looked up at me with a smile and rose from the ground.

"Chloe 2, Daniel 1," I announced proudly with the same victory dance I had done earlier. Two arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me in.

"It's actually 2-2, Chloe," he responded.

"No it's not, I total- Daniel!" I felt the softness of the flour go into my shirt and this time, Megan's adorable laughter filled the room.

Before I could do anything, Daniel pressed his flour covered lips on mine and pulled our bodies even closer together.

"Ewwww! Youw going to make the cookies with youw mouf!" Megan screeched from her spot. Daniel smiled against my lips and I let out a small laugh. He turned his head to look at a horrified Megan.

"You should cover your eyes, kid. We're about to burn these cookies," Daniel replied with a smile as I gasped and swatted him with my hand.

"I should clean this up," I replied as I pulled away from Daniel's hold.

"I'll help," he offered.

After the kitchen was spotless clean, Megan went home and Daniel and I headed upstairs to shower.

"Hey, Chloe?" Daniel called from beside me.


"Do you care about the environment?" What the heck was he on about?

"Yes... why?" He smiled widely.

"Want to save some water and shower together?" Of course he'd ask that.

"Ha-ha. No."

After our seperate showers, we were both fully dressed in clean, flour- free clothes.

A knock was heard and Daniel went over to answer it.

"Alpha, there has been a problem on the east end of the border," came a gruff voice that I recognized as Eric's.

"What is it?" Gone was the playful Daniel, and in his place, stood the cold, hard Alpha.

"One of our members was attacked and it appears it was because someone was trying to send a message. We have the man who attacked us, in the prison cells for questioning." Daniel nodded his head and looked at me.

"Ill be back later." Without waiting for my response, he headed out and shut the door behind him. Who would do something like that to send a message?

My eyes widened in realization.



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