Chapter 5: His name.

The first thing he had noticed as he approached what once their majestic secret place was, was how plainly terrible it now looked. But the second thing he noticed was the endless colours of wildflowers blooming abundantly all around. They almost seemed to create paths, leading to all of the places his best friend and he would hang around.

But it could have just been Sky's imagination, forming patterns where there were none.

Another thing he also noticed, was how strangely quiet it had become. In his childhood they were never not making some kind of ruckus, so hearing his childhood place so deadly quiet was a little sad.

There wasn't any other way to put it. The place looked utterly abandoned. Sky had let it get abandoned. He really was the biggest coward. That squid was right, he was just an image. A thing for show so that his kingdom at least had a false sense of hope, if nothing else.


Surely he hadn't heard that. There was no way that another person could call upon him. No one knew where this place was. But then, a lot of years had passed, Sky supposed it wasn't impossible for someone else to have discovered it like he and Ty once had.

The voice was so gentle, so soft. It was a man though, and it was a very familiar, comforting voice.

Sky didn't want to look; he couldn't bear the thought of what he might see. He knew though, that there was nothing he could do to stop his curiosity, so with a deep, shaky breath, Sky spun his body around.

The man had just come out from behind a tree, his black cloak hiding any of his significant features. Was it Deadlox? Was he here to screw around with Sky's head once again? "State your business here." He stated with his sword out.

"I've never heard you so formal before." Laughed the man, raising his hands. "You never used to sound like that."

"As if you'd know." Sky replied. "Who are you and what are you doing here?"

"I have as much of a right to be here as you."

"Quit playing games, Deadlox." He snarled, but the cloaked man only chuckled softly.

"That's not my name." He said slowly, his good being pulled down in a style that Sky found rather dramatic. But whatever snarky comment her was going to make flew out the window as he saw the face of the man.

Or rather, the face of Ty.

He still had that sort of cute look to him, his brown hair was still soft and fluffy looking, his skin was still very pale. His expression still had that childish sense of amusement on it. Sky was sure his jaw dropped right to the ground.

Ty was smiling, he was smiling right at Sky and he just didn't know what to do. Ty wasn't supposed to be alive, he was supposed to be dead and Sky couldn't understand how he was standing right in front of him. "You..." He whispered. "You're Deadlox?"

"I told you, that isn't my name, just one that was given to me."

"You've been alive all this time and you didn't think to tell me?!" Sky could not believe it. His best friend had been alive the entire time and he never even bothered to stop by and let him know.

"You know I wouldn't do that," Sky was hardly listening though, his mind was whizzing. Not only that, but his best friend had taken to a life of crime too. "I didn't know you were also alive. I thought you were killed along with your parents and the place was being run by some stuck up general."

"You didn't think to come look?!"

"I'm not exactly the most liked guy around you know." He said.

"Yeah but..."

"Sky I'm sorry, I just couldn't go near it all that time. I guess I was scared, I don't really know," Ty mumbled. "I stayed away from them and they stayed away from me. That was all. If I even had the slightest idea you were alive, I would have come running, and you know that."

Sky wanted to cry. He also wanted to punch Ty in the face for causing him so many years of misery. The only thing really stopping him was the fact that Ty probably felt the exact same way.

"You were hiding away for so long that I just assumed..." He mumbled. "I assumed it was a stuck up general who didn't want to get his hands dirty..."

"And I assumed that they had killed you..." Sky whispered.

He wasn't sure what he wanted to do anymore. He still wanted to cry, but now rather than punch, he wanted to hug and whisper to him. He just wanted to grab him and never let go.

But of course, fate had other plans. It always did.

"Your highness?" A man was yelling, and the reunited friends could hear the rustling of the trees. "Your highness?" He repeated.

Ugh, how bothersome...

Ty spun around, moving away from Sky. No, hold on a second, this just wasn't fair. It had been the first time in years and they didn't even get to hug it out? "Wait..!" Sky called hurriedly.

"Tonight," Ty called. "Meet back here if you can. If you can't that's okay, I'll find you eventually." And with that, Ty slipped into the shadows. He supposed that Ty's graceful stealth was expected from 'Deadlox' though.

Sky sighed; he had a lot to think about, didn't he?

When the man found him he was quick to take him back to the castle, and get him checked out. Sky insisted that he was fine of course, but apparently they couldn't be too careful.

'Ty, Ty, Ty,' was all that ran through his head the whole day, and when midnight came, he was even having second thoughts.

Is Ty even the same person he was? Will he hate me for what I've become? How are we going to sort this entire thing out? What will he even say? Sky really didn't know. But as midnight came around,
Sky new he had to make a choice and quick.

He wasn't left with many options. Simply stay or go. But it wasn't a simple choice at all.

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