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Chapter 13: The mystery of Seto Sorcerer

Sky felt a little bad, just running off like he did. He really wanted to speak with Ty but he had somewhere he needed to be, and urgently too. "Jason!" Sky called to the silhouette quickly rushing away. He stopped and turned around, looking confused.  "I need you to keep an eye on Deadlox okay?" Sky said. "I'm aware that you're... Close, with him, and I need someone I can trust to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid."

"Of course, Sky." Jason nodded his head slowly, though a frown was evident on his face as he spoke up again. "But, is that really what that worried face you have on is about?"

"Partly, at least..." Sky mumbled, shaking his head. "There haven't been any unusual reports have there? Strange sightings or anything weird?"

"Well, other than the baffling amounts of strange weapons the squids have gotten a hold of somehow, no." Jason shook his head slightly. "And besides, Husky and Kermit are going to look into that one."

"I see..."

"Wait, there was of course the yellow bombs." Jason mused.

"Yellow bombs?"

"Yeah. The day Ty managed to escape; yellow smoke was seen around the castle apparently. There were enough people mentioning it to know it wasn't a dumb kid looking for attention."

"Ouch," Sky murmured, realising that was exactly the type of thing Sky would have made up if he felt neglected as a child. "Is there any information on them other than sightings?"

"Not really... I mean, no one can even think of what it might've been. It wasn't poisonous and there was no cause as far as anyone saw."


"Why did you ask?"


"Sky," Jason placed a hand on his shoulder, and Sky looked down at his comrade. "You know you can confide in me if there is anything wrong, right?"

"Of course." Sky nodded slightly, and though he knew Jason hoped he would speak up again, he didn't.

"Okay... Well, I'll go tend to Ty, I suppose." Jason bowed ever so slightly in respect before walking off, but not before being stopped by Sky for just a moment longer.

"How do you know his real name?"

Jason gave a cheeky little smile. "You tell me how you know it, and I'll tell you." Then with that, the man walked off in the opposite direction, leaving Sky to do as he pleased. Sky made a sound of annoyance before spinning on his heels and walking off.

If there was one thing that annoyed him (and there was far more than one), it was people leaving him guessing.

Dammit Jason.

Sky sighed and shook his head as he rushed through the halls, his brain whizzing. Jason was a hell of a lot smarter than he led people to believe, and Sky knew he'd noticed it too, though perhaps not as first hand as Sky did.

He noticed that someone had been observing them.

After Seto's sudden disappearance, everything seemed to slow down. The guilt of what Sky had allowed to happen took over him for a while, constantly making him feel bad that not only had he lost a valuable fighter and strategist, he had also lost a good friend.

For a while they even had trouble keeping the squids outside the walls, and it was a very scary time for them. He wondered where Seto went sometimes. If he left the kingdom, was hiding somewhere, or dare he think it, actually was dead like everyone else believed... Either way though, Seto was gone and no one had seen or heard from him since his help was "no longer needed".

But Seto wasn't the only sorcerer around, Sky knew that.


"Brice, this is Seto's handwriting!"

"You already know he's dead..." Brice hummed, travelling from shelf to shelf, sorting things around with obviously no care for the fact that he was in the presence of the king.

"No, I don't." Sky said sternly, tapping his foot as his eyes followed the gold haired man with very little patience left.

"Yes, you do. You know it, I know it, and the rest of the kingdom knows it. Even if he wasn't it's just not possible for him to have managed to sneak into the castle, past all your defences, into your room and all the way back without being detected. His powers have colour and the bright purple smoke would be seen." Brice shook his head softly. "It just couldn't have been him."

 "I never said he was the one who delivered the headphones." Sky said, and Brice stopped moving. Sky knew of Brice's dabbling with sorcery, he knew of Brice's very reserved and secretive lifestyle, and he knew Brice knew more than he was letting on.

"So what are you suggesting?"  He muttered finally.

"I want you to tell me how the hell you got in contact with Seto."

What's this? An update? So soon? IN LESS THAN A MONTH?! IN LESS THAN A WEEK!?! IMPOSSIBLE! Who is she and what has she done with Sanity!?

Yes, I know, its amazing. I've even surprised myself with this XD I'm not that happy with the chapter, it's sort of a filler and not great, but I hope you guys like it anyway J Next chapter we'll see some more treats to do with Sky and Ty ;)

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