Chapter 6: A meeting at midnight




Ty's fingers drummed against his desk, a pocket watch was dangling in front of him. He watched it, that annoying ticking never ceasing. It wasn't even eleven, when was the last time he found himself waiting up for someone?
Since him and Sky were kids probably... He always found himself waiting for the klutz of a prince.
Besides, he had nowhere else to go, nothing better to do except worry.

 And god did Ty worry alright. So many things could screw up that Ty almost convinced himself that it would be easier not to go.

Sky could be ambushing him for starters; he could not even care about Ty anymore. Someone else could have overheard the conversation, and decided to ambush them. Sky could just plainly not show up. Yes, he knew he was majorly over thinking things, but did that stop him? No.




Ty briefly thought about just stomping on the annoying clock, the ticking was driving him absolutely insane. It always had. It was the only working clock he had though, so Ty couldn't really afford to get rid of it.

Besides, it was a keepsake from his mother.

Ugh, what was he doing thinking about that kind of stuff anyway? Ty had bigger things to worry about, like why he was so damn nervous about going to see his best friend after so many years of thinking he was dead. What on earth made him feel fidgety and uneasy rather than upbeat and excited?

Was it the fact that Sky may not even show up to see him?

Yeah, maybe that was it. It was quarter past 11 at that point, still another three quarters of an hour before he should even think about heading down to their old spot. How would Ty pass the time? It was like… Forever to him.

Okay, so maybe he’d been exaggerating just a little bit then.

He sighed, getting out his fine sword of pure iron, it was nothing compared to the kings sword though, made of the most expensive gold- budder. Sky had called it budder, if Ty remembered correct.

“Ty…!” Sky had whined, dragging out his name.

“What…?” Ty had groaned back in the same way.

“Check this out!” Sky urged the boy to sit up from his rather comfortable spot on the meadow bed to look at him with a raised eyebrow. Sky only grinned, before holding up a pure golden ingot. “Holy crap,” Ty whispered, only to be hissed at by Sky.

“No swearing!”

“Sorry.” Sky only grinned slightly and shrugged it off. “How did you... You know, get it?”

“I snuck it.”

“Snuck a gold ingot??” Ty frowned. Sky’s eyes widened and for a moment Ty thought he’d upset Sky, but then Ty realised that the boy was just being his stupid self.

“Budder!” He hollered.


“It’s budder.”

“Budder…?” Sky grinned and nodded his head. Ty snickered slightly and rolled his eyes.

“You are not allowed to refer to it as anything but budder!” Sky announced, earning a sigh from the younger boy. He bowed down dramatically.

“As you wish your shortness.” Ty then erupted into a fit of giggles, followed by Sky tackling him to the lush green grass

Sky had now outgrown him, and was probably half a head taller, but though there was a lot that had changed in Sky, he still pretty much looked the same. He wore his dark brown hair slightly longer than he should be, the back messily done up in a ponytail, his skin was still nice and tan. He still wore those same shades to cover his eyes, and the amulet Ty had given him the night before they were separated.

He could hardly believe that Sky still had the amulet.

Midnight, finally. Ty sat up far too quickly, pulling his hood over his head and grabbing his sword before rushing out of his house and to the meadow. It didn’t really take long to get there, it never did, and the meadow looked far different at night. It used to look mystical and pretty, it now looked creepy and like anything could be lurking in the overgrown bushes.

There was no sign of Sky, and Ty sighed. He supposed he was a little early anyway… So he leant against a tree and glanced around. He could hardly even see the night’s sky with all the overgrown trees, in a way it still was mystical, it just felt a little more sinister.

Especially with the sounds of rustling coming from behind him… Wait… What…?

Ty went to spin around but a hand stopped him, it grabbed him and sent him stumbling backwards, a hand covering his mouth to stop him from yelling out. He went to grab his sword but his hands were tied before he and the chance.

Ty’s eyes went wide, he desperately wanted to see what was happening to himself, but pitch blackness took over his view.

God fucking dammit…


Finally an update! I am so sorry this took me a whole month to get out, but in my defence a few days ago I was in an accident and I broke my arm, so I wrote all this in hospital. Forgive me sempai’s? Well yeah, I hope you liked it anyway. Things are getting heated. (Also sorry for the likely shit ton of mistakes)

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