Chapter 9: Sometimes I hate memories

The feelings of anger and sadness overwhelmed Sky as he watched Ty jump the large stone wall, escaping from any guards who chased after him. All because he got the wrong god damn cell.

The moment he had realised that he went running to find where they'd taken Ty and after some arguing he was reluctantly told.

"But we got Jason to take him to his trial."

"I don't see why he even needs one, he's being charged for theft, breaking and entering, assaulting the king along with multiple others of the same account-."

"Shut up already." Sky had groaned, already running to the doors and towards the court room, not that it mattered. He arrived just in time to see Jason falling and Ty running to the window.

Who the fuck pushes a cripple though?

"Ty!" Sky yelled, just in time for Ty to turn and face him. Sky felt his heart stop for a horrible moment as a look of utter betrayal and hate washed over his face, but was quickly replaced with an empty frown. The grin Ty gave him after that was just more proof for something Sky already suspected.

Ty was getting back at Sky for the betrayal he didn't do.

"Goodbye king, but not really."

And he was gone.

"Fuck..." Sky hissed, getting down to help Jason up, who was pushing people away and insisting he could do it on his own. Sky knew how much Jason hated people acting like he couldn't do anything because of his leg, but now wasn't the time for pride issues.

"You alright?" He asked, pulling Jason up as he groaned.

"Yes, I'm fine." He insisted. "I should be asking you that, you look torn." Sky frowned slightly and shook his head.

"Just... Bummed he got away." Sky sent him a grin.

"Sire!" Mitch and Jerome jogged up to him, grinning slightly. "We'll be doing everything in our power to get him back, don't you worry sire."

"Why are two hunters going after him?"

"Because this is pretty much a hunt now." Jerome grinned. "Don't worry biggums; we're not gonna kill Deadlox or anything, though I'm not sure why you care so much."

"Death is something the Judge is meant to decide, not you." Sky muttered, nodding his head as if he was approving of what had just come out of his mouth.

"Either way, you can count on us." Nodded Mitch.

"You're my best for a reason guys." Sky said just before the two jumped out the window as well, heading the way Ty ran. Sky briefly wondered if using doors had become uncool or something.

"Why are we sending our best hunters out after him? Aren't there more pressing matters?" Jason huffed, folding his arms over his chest in a disapproving way.

"Yeah, I know." Muttered Sky with a nod. "But those two have their own agendas."

"Some king," Muttered Jason with a small sigh. "Whatever, General Brotato wants a word. He wants to discuss your plans. Please at least try to be professional, we need to try and get more allies right now, that is most important."

Sky nodded, though barely listening. He couldn't get the look of Ty's expression out of his mind. He had caused that look on his best friend, purposefully or not, and it made something in Sky's chest ache in an indescribable way.

By the time the meeting was done Sky was itching. He was itching to go and find Ty and talk things out. He simply couldn't bear the thought of just finding his best friend only to lose him again to a misunderstanding.

"Sky wait!" Someone had called as Sky burst out of the meeting room, he was distinctly ignored and Sky ran to grab his velvet blue cloak from his room. He had just snatched it up when he saw something out of the corner of his eye.

The golden coloured headphones sat on his bed, looking brand new. There was a note attached to them. A feeling of remembrance overwhelmed Sky for a moment and he almost felt sick because of it. It hurt to think about those times and now wasn't any different.

Those were the headphones that were Sky and Ty's main form of communication besides real life.

Sky's had been stomped on back when the enemy first invaded the castle, and after that simply never worked. Sky had still kept them around though, for one reason or another. He never once breathed a word of them of course, they were still his secret.

He frowned, walking closer and picking up the note. In neat handwriting a simple sentence was written down.

Not sure if they work now, test them for me?

There was no signature. Sky's heart raced and he slowly picked up the headphones. Did they really work? Why would a random fix his set of headphones? How did anyone even know about them? Sky slipped them on so they covered his ears, and adjusted the small mic so it was by his mouth.

Sky walked up to the mirrors and moved some of his hair. An assortment of buttons covered one ear. Sky's fingers tapped the numbers in easily; he could never forget the combination. There was a small crackling sound before there was a beep.

Sky took a deep breath before whispering softly into the mic.


". . . Who is this?"

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