Chapter 7: The not-so- captivating capture (and release) of Tyler Lox


Sky couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe when he heard that Deadlox, Ty, had been taken into custody last night. Last night while he was supposed to be meeting him, Ty was meant to be meeting Sky and instead he was met with handcuffs and it was all Sky’s fault.

He probably hated Sky’s traitorous guts for that, he was probably thinking of a hundred ways to kill him right at that moment. That’s kind of scary when you think about the fact that it’s Ty we’re talking about.

If he hadn’t of been so god damn late things might not have messed up as badly.

God dammit all he wanted was to see his best friend again.  

If he hadn’t of let Ant ramble on about taxes or battle plans or something of the sort then none of that would have even happened. Sky wouldn’t have to sit there explaining exactly why he wanted to suddenly let Ty go after all that time spent trying to have him locked up.

It was entirely their plan too.


Sky wouldn’t have to listen to Sparklez talk about how he saw Ty and him meet up (accidentally) in the old meadow. He wouldn’t have to roll his eyes and groan every time Sparklez either over exaggerated or completely missed just about every single detail.

He wouldn’t be sitting there sending both Ant and Sparklez glares promising their deaths (that they couldn’t see of course, damn his shades), but Sky was positive they knew.


Fucking good, because Sky was just about to flip a damn table and leave. “And what happened from your point of view, sire?” Finally asked the woman sitting at the table across them.

“We fucking made sweet love while we spoke about plans to damn the entire kingdom, steal all the budder then make our escape using a boat made from the bodies of those two.” He grumbled, pointing at the duo next to him.

“Cold.” Mumbled Ant.

“Right…” The woman drawled, writing a few things down in a notebook. A god damn notebook, why did she need that? What was she even writing down? Sky was being sarcastic for crying out loud! “So, what really happened?”

”I took care of something in town, walked off until I saw an old meadow and decided “hey, I’ll have a moment of peace” then Deadlox came up behind me, we talked, just guy to guy, decided we’d meet up there again-,”

“So you admit it!?” Asked Sparklez.

“We were gonna work something out!” Sky yelled in return. “Now let me finish asshole. As I was saying, we were gonna meet up at that same spot but I got held up by Ant who was rambling about some nonsense-,”

“You know if you actually listened for once you’d know I was talking about our next attack against the things that are trying to kill us.” Ant pointed out.

“Shut up, I didn’t interrupt you guys,” Sky snickered. “Now as I was saying, again, I was unable to settle what needed to be settled between him and the rest of the army due to Ant’s distractions. We could have had a very valuable ally. And isn’t it against the law to plot against the king? Does this count as treason??”

Sparklez snickered slightly and Sky hit him in the shoulder. “Listen, we’re sorry,” Sparklez laughed. “We assumed that it was what you wanted since you’ve wanted him in jail for so long. We thought it was the perfect chance, so we sent Mitch and Jerome in.”

“You thought wrong. Where the hell are Mitch and Jerome anyway?” Sky asked.

“Ah, yes, they were meant to be here too weren’t they?”

“Those two are the ones that god damn ambushed him in the first place!” Sky groaned. “Yes they’re meant to be here!”

“Here!” Someone yelled from down the hall. There was a loud rumble and the door to the conference room they all sat in was tossed open, revealing to men.

“Hey doods,” Grinned the one in the checker shirt. “How late are we?”

“Around a half an hour, and I’ve gotten absolutely nowhere anyway so what does it matter.” Sighed the girl, gesturing for them to take a seat. The bacca nodded with a grin of his own, waltzing in and plopping down on a chair, followed by his checker shirt friend.

“Mitch, Jerome.” Sky half-heartedly greeted.

“Sky.” Nodded Mitch with that same grin.

“Hey biggums.” Jerome smiled.

“Now, what part did these two play?” This woman was a very horrible peace keeper because right at that moment all Sky wanted to do was hit someone over the head with a chair.

“Hey,” Said Mitch, leaning back in his chair nonchalantly. “We just got orders and we followed ‘em.”

“Next time make sure it’s been approved by the king…” Mumbled Sky with a huff. “Look all I want is for this whole thing to be recognised as a misunderstanding and maybe we’ll get T- Deadlox to fight for us properly. I think that’s in everyone’s best interests.”

“He is a criminal.” Jerome pointed out.

“He’s one of the best fighters I’ve ever seen.” Sky replied, shuffling a little in his seat. “What the hell am I saying? I’m the go damn king and what I say goes!” He suddenly declared, jumping up from his seat with a new found confidence that made Mitch snicker. “I don’t fucking need this counselling bullshit. I want Deadlox released now.” The woman sighed, shaking her head in a disappointed manor but unable to stop the young king as he ran out the door, promptly flipping them all off as he turned to run down the corridor.

Sky went straight to the keeper where he collected the keys, his confidence starting to wear off again. He frowned, no longer running hurriedly and instead simply standing there like a complete fool.

Sky was willing to bet that Ty would try to strangle him the second he unlocked the door, or shank him with whatever weapon he had managed to make in the few hours he had been in the holding cell. He was probably not too happy with Sky at all at that point in time.

He could try to explain, but would that really do any good? He didn’t really even know Ty anymore so he was quiet unpredictable. Sky lightly bit down on his lip, taking in a breath and staring ahead of him for a moment before he slowly began to advance forwards to the last cell on the left.

Ty’s temporary cell.


This is a rather speedy update if you ask me ;)) I’m sure it was fiiiiine, maybe a little on the short side but fiiiiiiine. I’ll be out of my big cast in like… 6 weeks so you can’t expect too much from me for a while. Thanks for bearing with me guys. Buh byee! (Also this ain’t edited :3)

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