Chapter sixteen: bad feelings

Honestly, he didn't know what was funnier. The fact that those stupid recruits were begging for mercy or the fact that they seemed to genuinely hope he would show them any sympathy at all. Well, two of them screamed for mercy at least. The third had yet to scream aside from the disgruntled hiss of: "He'll make you pay for this."

"Who, pray tell, do you think is going to stop me?" He purred in response, holding a hand up to signal the man holding the whip to stand down.

"The king."

"I am the king."

"No, you're just some asshole who likes to dress fancy." The man snarled softly.

"Oh, a tough guy?" The king snickered and gave a small shake of his head. "I certainly hope you don't mean that child, Sky, hm?"

"He'll stop you. All of you."

"Such hopeful words. No, honestly, I'm touched." He nodded his head and gazed around at the other two prisoners, both of them sniffling and sobbing in pain. "Your companions here don't look very hopeful though. In fact, they look the exact opposite." His coy smirk was back, and the prisoner who slouched in front of him bit his lip.

"He'll come for us, and when he does he'll kill you."

"Oh? Well, I hope for your sake that you're right." His hand waved once more and the man's eyes widened, the whip cracking down on his bare, bleeding back once more. He laughed, turning and leaving the cells without another word.

"Sire! Sire I have news I have very important-!" a woman skidded to a stop, getting down on one knee in front of the king, heavy pants leaving her. "-news...! It is the Sky army, my king, I fear the worst."

"What have you found, Cassara?"

"The young king of Kingdom Crafted, he is not alone. He has allied with that meddlesome phantom, I saw it. I saw them fight together, they easily surpass the skills of all of our men. This 'Deadlox' is dangerous, and he appears to be influencing that coward of a king in a way that means bad things for us." Cassara's eyes were wide in alarm, the new information leaving her in a rushed manner.

The kings eyes narrowed as she babbled, fumbling to pull out a blurry, black and white photo. "I managed to get a photo, as well." She whispered, holding it out for him to take. The king snatched it, eyeing the boy.

A cackle left the man suddenly. "THIS is the Phantom of Kingdom Crafted? He's but a boy!" He bellowed. "We have nothing to worry about if this is so, I assure you."

"B-but sire-..."

"Enough. Send a messenger to retrieve the sorcerer, this joke will be taken care of swiftly." The girl bit down on her lip, watching her king for a moment before nodding silently.

"As you wish, my king..." She mumbled quietly, giving a respectful bow of her head before hurrying off once more.

The king gazed quietly down at the photo for a moment longer. Half of Sky was cut out, but it was clear enough to him that they were looking at each other, gazing at each other in a way he almost immediately recognised. "Curious..." He murmured to himself.

Perhaps it would be smarter to keep this Deadlox around.

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