Chapter 10: Take me to the church of white, stained black with sins.


Ty’s heart might have fluttered in an indescribable way if he wasn’t trying his best to defend himself from those two damn hunters. An axe was swung Ty’s way which he barely managed to dodge, stumbling backwards and nearly running into the sharp end of Mitch’s sword. “Surrender and maybe you can keep your limbs!” Called Mitch.

Hi, uh, it-it’s Sky. Ty?”

Someone asked through the earphone of his headphones. Ty frowned, swinging his own sword to block Mitch’s next blow.

“How the hell are you contacting me?” He hissed softly, turning and jumping behind a tree to avoid the arrow shot by a guard. Ty then took off, running as fast as his tired legs could move all the while being followed by taunts and more heavy footsteps.

“Where’re you going Deadlox?!” Jerome yelled. “Lemme axe you a question!”

Ty grunted, knowing that if Jerome was using his shitty puns then he might actually be in some trouble.

“My pair of headphones.” Sky’s voice crackled slightly as he spoke.

“You only now decided to try!?”

“It isn’t my fault! They broke!”

“Oh.” Of course Sky would get them broken, it’s him. Ty yelped as Jerome came swinging from out of a tree, axe in hands as Ty barely scrambled away and into another direction. “Now’s really not a good time.”

“Then when is because you just ran away earlier.”

“You were going to take me to court!”

“I wanted to talk!” Sky let out a sigh and Ty grunted as he hit the pavement hard after jumping over a wall in an attempt to get away. He ran down an ally and out into the street, ditching his cloak and running for a while until he came to a stop in a crowd.

Please, please tell me they don’t know how I look.

“Why do you sound like you’re running a marathon?”

“Because you’re fucking hunters are chasing me!” He growled quietly. “You tell me you just want to talk and they’re telling me they’re going to chop off my fucking limbs. What’s your deal?”

“My deal? You’re the one who’s being a total asshole. You won’t even let me have my say!” Sky argued in a stern voice, a voice that knew what he wanted to say and planned on saying it. Ty looked around anxiously, seeing neither Jerome nor Mitch in sight.

“Fine, I’m all god damn ears.”

“Just… Please, Ty, meet me somewhere tonight. No one will know, I swear.” Sky pleaded. Ty began walking back to pick up his cloak before walking back to his home with a sigh.

“Where?” Ty murmured.

“By uh... By that old Church thingy? You remember the one we smashed the window to by accident? It’s all run down and closed now?”

“Fine.” Ty mumbled. “2am. Make sure you’re not being fucking followed.” He growled.

“I will,” Sky nodded and Ty could almost hear the childish smile in his voice. It almost made him smile too. “By the way Ty, I missed you; I’m going to fix stuff.” Then the line went from a small string of static to just silence.

Ty ran a hand through his hair until his head was in his hands. “This better not end like shit…”


He glanced up at the crumbling church, a feeling on nostalgia draping over him like a blanket. It was kind of nice, comforting even. The memories flooded back to him like it had happened only days prior.  

“Aww c’mon you big sissy.” He grinned, looking up at the church. Ty frowned.

“We messed up, that old priest is gonna be so mad.” Ty glanced up at the broken stained glass window, colourful glass scattered all over the outside floor.

“And to make things worse he’ll know it was us. We gotta go our ball.” Sky mused, walking up to the doors.

“We’ll get caught…” Ty mumbled.

“We’ll get caught anyway if we don’t get that ball back.” Sky shot back with a wide grin. “Better to at least try not get in trouble.” Ty let out a slightly over dramatic sigh but nodded. The two walked up to the doors, looking at the expensive looking wood.

“Here goes nothing.” Sky hummed, slowly pushing open one of the doors and cringing as it creaked. He opened it only enough for the two boys to slip in before they both walked inside.

The church was beautiful, both had to admit. It had a sort of serene feeling to it. “There.” Sky pointed at the bright orange ball before running up to it, scooping it into his hands and grinning.

“Sky…” Ty mumbled, his frightened frown making Sky frown also.

“What?” He asked just before a hand was placed on his shoulder. The squeal he let out would have made Ty laugh on any other occasion. He bolted forward and ran behind Ty, who was staring right at the old priest who looked infuriated.


They had gotten into so much trouble that day; Ty couldn’t help but laugh thinking about it. As he stepped into the church he noticed that the shattered window was now the only window that was intact.

Ah, the irony.

“Ty?” A voice asked, causing Ty to instinctively reach for his sword. “Relax, it’s me.” Ty spun around to come face to face with that same blue cloak. Hands removed the hood, revealing his old friend.

“Sky.” Ty breathed, relaxing with a sigh. He went to open his mouth before he was stumbling back slightly by the force of the hug Sky gave him. Ty was barely able to look over Sky’s shoulder, and all he could really do was hug back.

“God, I missed you so much Ty…” Sky murmured. Ty felt the tiniest of smiles creep onto his lips and he hesitantly held him tighter. The feeling of safeness in Sky’s arms was something he hadn’t felt in a long time.

 This was his friend, this was real.

“I missed you too.”

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