Chapter 15: Even kings shall fall (in love)

It felt good to have someone around that made him feel... Brave. He felt like for the first time in his entire life like he wasn't faking his confidence and his strength. Sky felt like he had a chance, to really be the person the kingdom thought he was. It felt amazing to have someone that challenged Sky, but didn't ever judge him.

Ty was the first person he didn't feel was judging his every breath and that was an amazing feeling in itself.

"Where exactly are we going anyway?" Ty mumbled, trudging along next to the king as he was led through corridors, down stairs and all around. It was obvious that at this point Ty had absolutely no clue where he was going. It had been about a week since Ty had temporarily moved in and he'd gotten lost more times than Sky could count.

It was almost cute, Ty feeling the need to stick to his side like glue at all times. It was a lot different than from when they were children, Sky always being the one to get them lost or into trouble. Ty knew parts of the castle from back then, he knew which room was Sky's, and he knew which room used to be his mother and fathers.

It was more of a memorial room now though, multiple candles lit at all times and pictures of the family hung up everywhere. When Ty had gotten lost the first time, Sky found him standing in the middle of the room, and honestly Sky didn't know what was going through the others head. His parents were like Ty's second family, and had always treated the Lox family kindly.

Ty had never gotten a chance to grieve for anyone he'd lost, Sky realised that day. Ty probably didn't get to grieve for his family, or for Sky's, or for Sky himself. He didn't want to ask what had happened to the other after that day, what Ty had done in order to survive.

It didn't matter, Sky reasoned, he was here now and Sky was going to take care of him. Not that Ty really needed it, he was something Sky wanted to protect, somebody special.

"Hush. You'll see~." Sky sang lazily, a small grin on his face as he led the shorter through the long hallways.

Sky didn't look it, but his mind was constantly whizzing. He observed everything he saw and was far wiser than most realised. Jason knew the extent of Sky's knowledge because he was just one of those people who saw everything, even if there wasn't actually anything to watch. Ty knew as well, he knew that past Sky's mask of childishness and grins, he was a very serious and smart person. Ty just knew that Sky was trying to keep as much of his childhood happiness as he could.

"We're here!" He hummed, pushing a set of doors open and waltzing into the open space, followed closely by Ty.

"Holy shit..."

"Yeah." Sky grinned a little. "I thought you'd like it... Since you haven't had a chance to do anything like this for a while." Sky almost missed it, but a small grin broke out on Ty's face and Sky's stomach bubbled happily.

"This is so... Awesome." He mumbled, looking around at all the weapons and dummies set up, shooting ranges, obstacles set up all around, all to practice fighting. Things were set up along the walls to practice free running as well, it was likely a dream set up for someone like Ty. "So this is why you wanted me to bring my sword?"

"Yep. This place is how I learned to fight." Sky smiled a little, unsheathing his own sword, holding it up in a teasingly thoughtful way. "Hey, Ty, can you do something for me?" Ty raised an eyebrow and looked across at Sky.

"Like what?" He mumbled.

"I wanna know exactly why no one can catch you." Ty looked a little surprised for a moment, but when a grin crept onto the others face Sky readied his sword. Sky wasn't scared, for once in his life he wasn't scared of fighting, because it was Ty he was only ready.

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