Chapter 11: It’s a silly way to address an old friend

The church was a surprisingly quiet; it was a peaceful place to Sky. It almost felt like there was a force field around him, stopping any evil from getting close. It was even nicer knowing that Ty was there, but it just didn’t feel right.

He knew that the war going on not far at all from where they sat was weighing on both of their minds heavily but it was something more than that. There was a tension that only they knew about and Sky wasn’t sure how to get rid of it.

“So… Why?” Sky murmured finally, his voice a little dry as he leaned back on one of the few unbroken seats left in the church.

“Why what?” Ty replied.

“Why did you choose to be Deadlox? Why didn’t you join the army or… I dunno. Why’d you choose the bad side?”

“The bad side? You think I’m the bad side?” Ty glanced over at him. “You do know what goes on outside your little walls right? What’s beginning to leak back into the kingdom again? I’m trying to stop it from getting back in here and doing to some poor kid what it did to us.”

Sky looked down. For some reason he had to keep reminding himself of that. They weren’t kids, they weren’t the happy children they once were and despite all their history they didn’t know each other from scratch anymore.

Sky wondered if Ty’s favourite colour was still green. He wondered if Ty still hated the crust of the bread. He wondered if Ty was still scared of spiders. He wondered if Ty still wanted to fix things between them.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.” Sky said, looking back up at him.

“Can you please… Just tell me why you wanted to meet up?” Ty mumbled running a hand through his hair.

“You already know why,” Sky muttered, though he suddenly didn’t really want to talk about that stuff. He wanted to just chat like old friends and like Sky didn’t have a kingdom to run and like Ty wasn’t a criminal and like their worlds weren’t crumbling from the chaos.  “I wanted to talk about us. Well, mainly you.”

“What about me?” Ty pressed.

“We’re so close Ty, I can feel it. We can win this; we just need the right people on our side.” Sky didn’t even know what he was talking about; he was just stating what he knew and anything that might convince Ty to come join him.

“And who are the right people?”

“You, for starters. You were always good at negotiating us out of trouble; I bet you can still negotiate. And if you can you can convince more armies to back us and plus you’d be so good at teaching new and old recruits your tricks-.”

“Sky,” Ty stated, looking him in the eye. “I can’t.” Sky’s breath hitched a little as he watched Ty’s all too serious expression.

“Well why not?”

“It doesn’t work that way.”

“Yes it does! Ty we can make this work, we can make things go back to the way they were if we just-!” Sky was stopped by lips on his own, soft and warm and oh so inviting. And then they were gone, leaving him with an almost unfulfilled feeling.

“Listen,” Ty mumbled, his cheeks dusted pink. “Do you really think anyone’s going to be okay with that? You weren’t even alright with it until you found out I was Deadlox.”

“You just…” Sky mumbled with a red face, staring at the boy in front of him.

“Besides,” Ty continued. “I don’t particularly wanna become one of your army’s dogs.”

“Ty you…”

“Spit it out.”

“You god damn kissed me!” Sky seethed, his cheeks flaming as he watched Ty who paused, then put a hand to his mouth in an attempt to silence a snickering laugh.

“Well it’s the only way to get you to shut up.”

“I’ll make you a deal then,” Sky muttered. “You join us, properly, for at least a month and you can shut me up by doing that as often as you want.” Ty looked a little surprised by this, glancing over to his left to look at Sky.

“Whenever I like?”

“Whenever you like.” Sky wouldn’t dare admit how much he liked the peck. He wouldn’t dare admit he was partly doing this for his own selfish reasons, but Ty didn’t seem to mind either way.

“Hm,” Ty hummed a small grin on his face. He held out his hand which Sky hesitantly reached out to shake. “You have a deal, “my lord”.”

“Don’t call me that.” Sky laughed softly.

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