Chapter 8: Goodbye, but not really.

I hate his fucking guts…

That’s why Ty wanted to think. He wanted to think that he hated that sad excuse for a king more than he’d ever hated anyone.

He wanted to be silently scheming a way out of the cell he sat in, to be thinking about all the ways he could (and would) kill the stupid king.

Ty wanted to be taunting himself for being so foolish as to trust a low life like him, wanted to kick himself then move on.

He wanted to, but he just wasn’t.

Ty couldn’t fathom exactly why he didn’t think that way even after the way he was betrayed. There was just something inside him that said ‘just you wait, Sky will get you out of here. It wasn’t actually him who ratted you out.’

Of course though, Ty knew that it simply wasn’t that way. He had been sitting there for a good few hours and no one had even come to check up on him besides the key keeper (big fella, Ty didn’t want to pick a fight with him).

People change…

That was Ty’s only explanation.

He’s no exception…

But why hadn’t he even made an attempt at escaping? Ty knew he could probably get out with the paperclip in his pocket, so why was he still sitting in that disgusting little cell feeling sorry for himself?

Because I’m actually pathetic enough to believe Sky’s different…

Ty sighed, shifting so he had his head rested in one of his hands while he stared at the cell opposite him, listening as the sound of footsteps echoed down the corridor towards his own cell. Ty frowned, they didn’t sound like the key keepers heavy footsteps.

 He sat up further, watching as a shadow approached his cell.

Ty was disappointed to see it was not who he had hoped, instead it was Sky’s right hand man. Jason was his name and he looked at Ty with a very disappointed expression, Ty only grinned.

“Long time no see.”

Jason and Ty had been friends ever since Ty saved his ass from an explosion after one of their little attacks went seriously wrong a year prior. Jason sadly still lost his right leg but he was alright, he got a metal leg fixed up for him and he was walking around just fine.

Jason instead helped Sky with the meetings, plans, battle strategies, paperwork and anything else he was needed for. Not only did Jason feel he owed Ty, but they also had a pretty good friendship going on. Better still, Jason understood Ty’s value out in the field like nobody else.

Jason had gone on a trip overseas to attempt to get more allies along with a few others. Apparently they weren’t too successful.

“You got caught,” Jason sighed, rubbing his eyes tiredly. “You seriously got yourself caught…”

“Are you here to help me out or…?”

“Actually I’m here to take you to ‘the official court of punishment’. Nice one.” Jason mumbled, holding up a key. “To be honest I don’t even think it’s fair to put a criminal through all that boredom, which is exactly why you’re gonna break out.”

“I knew I could count on you.” Ty grinned as Jason unlocked the cell, setting Ty free from the depressing and really bad smelling prison cell.

“What would you do without me?” Jason hummed. “I’ll walk you up to ground level, we’ll go down two different corridors then I’ll walk you past exactly 6 windows and on the seventh one, push me to the ground and jump out the window. I unlocked it.” Ty nodded his head. “I’ll put these on you, but they’ll be loose.”

Jason held up a pair of roped cuffs and slipped them on Ty’ wrists behind his back. “Hurry up.” Ty grumbled.

“What, you have somewhere to be?”

“Touché.” Ty smirked as Jason took his arm and started tugging him down the corridor. The key keeper was fast asleep, just as expected from him. Ty felt his heart race a little faster as they started walking up the winding stone steps.

He supposed no matter how many things you break into, or break out of, the rush is still the same.

Ty was eyed out by a few guards on his way down the long corridor, but he paid them no mind, too busy watching the wall in front of them. They quickly turned a corridor and started walking down that one and by the time they had reached the third corridor Ty could feel himself starting to sweat a little.

“Count.” Said Jason quietly.

One… Two… Three…

Ty bit his lip, watching as a guard gripped his sword a little tighter.

Four… Five…

Jason loosened the grip on his arm enough for Ty to get loose whenever he pleased.


Ty slipped his hands out of the cuffs.


Ty stuck his foot out and shoved Jason sideways, letting him fall with a hiss and a shout. A guard who was half asleep shot his head up to look at them, fumbling for the sword tucked away in its sheath. Ty took a small glance at Jason to make sure he was alright and Jason winked.

That was his cue to run for his life.

Ty let the cuffs drop and raced to the window, shoving it open as quickly as he could and starting to scramble out.

“Ty!” Someone yelled and it made Ty’s heart stop.

Someone knew his name. Someone knew his name and it made him freeze for a moment before he turned to face whoever had just called out his name loud enough for half the palace to hear.

Sky stood at the end of the corridor and panted slightly as he looked shocked and a little bit pissed off as Ty frowned. “Don’t you dare.” Was the exact expression Sky’s face contorted into as time around them seemed to stop for a moment.

Ty felt a not-so-nice grin find its way onto his face as he watched Sky’s stiff body, ready to chase after him. “Goodbye king, but not really.” He sang before jumping out the window and running as fast as he could away from the castle walls.


Sorry I couldn’t get this out faster! It’s out now though so that’s something.. I feel like Sky and Ty have some communication issues they need to work out .Also, Jasooonn!!! Hope you like!

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