Chapter 14: Information

Ty twiddled his thumbs as he looked around the far too large room, a little baffled. It was almost the size of his house, from what Ty could tell. Jason had also warned him that it was easy to get lost when wandering around the halls outside the room, and that kind of horrified Ty.

Just how big was the castle anyway?

It certainly couldn't be too hard to hide in a place like this, which was exactly why Ty walked around and checked the room at least three times. Call it paranoia but at least Ty knew he wasn't going to be the one killed in his sleep.

But it still worried him. Was the man from earlier part of the council? Why was he wearing such an ominous cloak (not that Ty could really talk)? What was the book? He had hidden it from Jason when he arrived, and only just pulled it out. It had a firm lock on it, which baffled Ty slightly, and only made him more curious.

"Open you bitch..." He hissed as he tried to pick the lock for the third time. He simply couldn't understand why it wasn't working. Ty knew how to pick all kinds of locks, what made this one the exception? He wasn't even sure why someone would put a lock on a book. "God dammit..." Ty sighed gently.

Should he tell sky? Was the book even worth mentioning? Ty didn't know. If felt like he was just receiving more questions than answers. "Where is Sky anyway...?" He whispered to himself.

Ty almost didn't notice the smoke that had taken over his room. It worked fast and silently and if Ty hadn't of looked up he might not have noticed until it had completely taken over his room. "What the hell?!" He yelped.

"Hello, Ty."

Ty groped around for his sword in a frantic attempt to find his sword. Not on my belt? Ty hissed as he realised he had sat it down against a wall directly across from where the smoke was forming. "Shit..."

"Do not be afraid." The voice cooed and Ty's head snapped up. "If I wanted to kill you then you would be dead by now."

"Wh... Who the hell are you?" He mumbled, getting up and backing away as to find some kind, any kind of weapon. But how the hell do you even kill smoke?

"Did my friend not give you the book?" It pondered, seemingly looming over Ty.

"I-I have it..." He mumbled, glancing down at the book questioningly. "What is it?"

"You tell me."

"A book?"

"No. Well, yes actually, but," There was a soft sigh. "You can't open it can you?"

"If that wasn't obvious." Ty mumbled, looking down at it with a slightly annoyed frown. "Was I supposed to be able to...? Can't you just open it?"

"I can but I won't. This is something for you to discover. I think you will know when it's time to open that book, Ty."

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