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Chapter 12: Welcome to the council

The room was quiet, quiet and tense as all eyes were fixed on Ty as he twiddled his thumbs awkwardly. Mitch had his nose stuck in the air in annoyance, clearly not happy with his being there. Jerome sat next to him not all that fazed by Ty, but irritated by Mitch's childish stubbornness.

God, they all looked so pissed. All of them except really Jason, Sparklez, Brotato and Sky. Jason actually was grinning, this small, almost not even there grin. Sparklez and Brotato clearly didn't care either way and Sky was not upset, but anxious.

Jason sent him a reassuring look that was possibly the only thing that stopped him from high tailing out of the room.

"So..." Brotato began. Ty had heard rumours about him, some valiant and some just kind of silly. "He's the secret weapon...?"

"Yes," sky's voice cracked as he spoke and Ty almost snickered at the way he turned red. "Uh, I..."

"Ty is highly trained in all sorts of combats and can use most weapons. He has a vast knowledge of the enemy and has many talents. There is no downfall to having him here other than some childish generals..." Jason stated, sending Mitch a look which was promptly ignored.

"What about the fact that he's a criminal who can't be trusted!" Someone piped up suddenly. "Even Seto said to be weary!"

"Seto is... No longer part of this counsel." Sky stated, almost regretfully. "He has no part in any of this counsel any longer."

"Serves him right..." Mitch muttered, earning a sharp glare. Ty looked down with a tiny frown. He had heard the name only by idle gossip. An apparent sorcerer, or so he had heard.

"How about a simple vote?" Ant suggested, making Ty look up. "Deadlox can surely speak for himself without help. He can give us his pitch and we can decide as a council."

Well, he was automatically fucked.

Sky slowly nodded his head, looking around then at Ty. "Very well..." Ty looked around with a frown as everyone looked back at him. An abrupt sigh could be heard from Jason before he was being tugged up by his cloak.

"I- uh," Ty stuttered, looking around and seeking Sky's eyes, well, shades, but of course the idiot was fiddling with a loose thread on his cloak. "Listen..."

Was this even worth it? It's not like he really cared about the position, so why was he nervous? Ty looked at Sky once more, finding his lips and sighing.

Right, that was why.

"I've realised I'm not the most well liked person here, You've all made that pretty damn clear but let's face the facts. You guys are desperate." This made Sky and some other council member's heads all snap up, and Ty grinned. Now he had their attention.

"You guys are taking in literally anyone, I've seen, and whether you guys like me or not really has nothing to do with it. The fact is you guys need someone who knows what they're doing. But I don't need you. So this doesn't affect me either way but it does affect you guys." And with that, Ty took a seat, leaving a few people gawking. "Think about the big picture, not personal preference. Beggars can't be choosers."

Sky cleared his throat as the silence dragged on for far too long. "Okay.  We'll... Go around the room and, with no further comments say stay or go. We start with Jason." He pointed to the right as Jason stood up.

"Stay." Jason said simply, smiling at Ty as Ty smiled back, before he sat down. Ant stood up next, surprising Ty with the answer.

"Stay." And so it went. Ty was unsure whether the stays or goes we're winning, but it was starting to make him anxious. He had expected people like Mitch to say go, but Brotato surprised him a little. Ty had kind of expected the foreigner to at least give him a chance, but it didn't matter that much to Ty.

By the time the votes had gone back to the last person, Sky himself, Ty was itching to leave the room. "I vote he stays, of course." Sky said. "And by superior vote, Deadlox is now a temporary part of this council."

Ty looked up, a little surprised. He was surprised both by the fact that the majority of the votes were in his favour, and by how easy it was. "This is stupid," Mitch announced with a glare, getting up. "The rest of us spent years building our credibility and skill to get where we are and this... This scum just gets to walk in here like he's one of us?! My king you have to reconsider!"

Sky glared harshly. "Sit down, Mitchell."

"But why-...!"

"Biggums," Jerome put a hand on Mitch's shoulder, cutting him off. "Sky said it was just temporary, and this is for the benefit of the kingdom." Mitch's steaming anger seemed to only be suppressed by the man with a lot more self-control, thank god.

"Thank you, Jerome." Sky sighed, rubbing his temples. "This matter, I assume, will be the hot topic of tonight's meeting... Let's leave any further discussions of the matter until then. Dismissed."

Everyone got up, as did Ty, walking quickly on Sky's heals to the exit. Once finally out Ty was met with a hug. "I didn't think it'd turn out so well!" Sky announced happily.

"If you could call that well." Ty murmured, a smile in his voice as he hugged Sky back. Sky pulled away and grinned at him.

"I have to go, a guard will be here soon to explain some things and show you where you'll be staying for now. I'll join you in your chambers before I have to go to another meeting and we'll talk okay?" With that Sky was running off.

"Sky wait-...! Ugh..." Ty sighed and leaned against a wall, settling on trying his damnedest to make himself invisible so people would stop glaring. It was tiring and Ty didn't want to deal with it, really.

"Excuse me? Might you be Deadlox?" A soft voice asked suddenly, and Ty turned around to meet the silhouette of a cloaked man.

"Uh... Yes...?"

"I just wanted to congratulate you for making it into the council, and to give you this." And with that, a book was shoved into his hands before the man was running off down the hall.

"Wait...! Hey...!" He yelled before realising the man was not coming back, and he had successfully tuned himself into the centre of attention. Again. Ty sighed angrily and looked at the untitled book.

How did he know I got into the council...?


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