Chapter 3: The dull green glow of a forgotten memory.

It was strange, Sky thought, that his window was open that night. He was positive that he had shut it before he went to the bathroom to clean his teeth. Apparently not. But he thought nothing of it. He shut his window, properly this time, and headed to bed.

Sky was content; his body bundled in blankets, the sweet sound of silence in the room, which is a sound he didn't get very often anymore. It was nice. He could feel himself slipping away, nice and steady. It almost felt like this mess of a war wasn't even going on, it almost felt like a dream.

But not quite.                 

The sudden sound of a scream was heard, but was cut off very fast. Sky assumed that a man, a comrade, had just lost his life. Sky felt himself tear up. How could he just sit in his bed while his men were out there fighting? Fighting and dying for him.

What kind of leader was he? He was a young man that shouldn't have had to take on such a daunting role so soon. He had to lead at the raw age of 18, barely into adulthood. He was now 20, still so very young. So surely it wasn't just his fault that just outside his kingdom, there was a war raging on. Surely it wasn't entirely his fault that his friends were dying.

He knew that was a lie, because it was his fault, and he didn't know how to fix it.

So Sky lay there, he watched out his window as smoke came up from behind the large walls that surrounded Kingdom Crafted. Ever since they broke through the wall with a surprise attack 9 years ago, they had been pushed back outside the wall, and stuck out there.

They would not break through again. If there was one thing Sky wouldn't allow, it was that.

Shuffling snapped him out of his dream-like state. Sky bolted up, his eyes locked on the dark surroundings. His arm stretched out slowly into the darkness, his hand looking for his sword that would be leaning against the shelf beside his bed. He found nothing.

Sky took his eyes away for a moment to search for the sword, which to his relief was on the floor. It must have fallen over. It lay on some crumbled paper and clothes, which would also explain the shuffling. Sky relaxed a little, feeling kind of dumb. Who would be dumb enough to attack the kind in his very quarters anyway?

Apparently that guy was.

A figure pounced on him, and Sky went to yell out, but his mouth was covered. So instead he fought. He fought and rolled around with the figure, falling off his bed. Sky ended up on the bottom again and hit his back on the solid floor. He hissed in pain and stared up at the figure. "Who called the order?" The man hissed in a low tone, moving his hand from Sky's mouth.

"I'm gonna a need a little more info than that buddy!" Sky growled, trying to make out a face in the darkness, but that along with the black cloak there was no telling who it was.

"Who called the order to trash the place I was staying at?!" Sky was confused. Why exactly did this man mean?

"Sorry, but I don't know what you're talking about."

"You're supposed to be running this place," He said his hands holing Sky harder to the floor. "You should know what's going on at all times, you should be the only one finalising orders!"

"Look I'm sorry! I'm sorry okay? Can you give me some names and I'll talk to them." The man snarled. And was about to say something else, when the door was thrown open and light flooded into the room. Sky still couldn't see the man's face because of the cloak, but the man could clearly see his. Time froze for a second as the man stared at him, and he stared back at his shadowed features.

He then mumbled. "...No way..." And jumped off of Sky, throwing open the window and launching himself out of it before anyone could react. Sky's room was several story's high, there's no way he could have survived that. The men then surrounded Sky, trying to pull him up all the while asking if he was okay.

Some ran to the window, making comments like, "He's gone!" or, "Vanished into thin air!" After a while they too came to try and help Sky up. But he roughly shoved them all away, using the bed to help himself up. He was in a daze at what had just happened. Had Sky really seen that, or was it his mind playing tricks?

Had he really seen that dull green glow as the man retreated, only for a second before he jumped? Surely not. But he could have sworn he saw it, along with the man's eyes, which watched him as he disappeared into the night. "I'm fine." Sky mumbled. "That man had no intentions of hurting me." Or at least, he didn't get the chance to try.

"But, sire-." One began, but Sky just couldn't have everyone panicking about a simple break in.

"No buts. I want you to keep this under wraps okay? We can't have people freaking out." Sky then smiled at them all reassuringly. He had been told that his smile was one from heaven, and he was glad for it. Because with that one smile, everyone complied and left to their sleeping quarters. Sky saw out of the corner of his eye, Ant and Sparklez sighing, before they left.

He knew tomorrow he was going to get an earful, but for tonight, Sky was thankful that he didn't have to get into any conflicts, and he went back to bed. Though Sky knew that what little sleep he might have been blessed to get that night, was long gone now. He would likely spend the rest of his night sitting up, battling the inner conflicts in his head once again.

Or maybe instead he would end up thinking about that dull green glow, by each of the man's ears. He knew all too well what they might have been from, but at the same time, Sky knew he was being ridiculous. He was dead. It's a horrible word, but that was the only way to describe it. His friend had been dead for 11 years, long past being able to revive him.

God, it sucked even thinking about it. No one even saw him actually die. No one saw it; his body was never even recovered. But his families were. All of them had been crushed by their house or shot or even stabbed several times. It was just horrible.

No, it was definitely Deadlox's work. Perhaps he was mocking Sky? The bastard. Why could even be cruel enough to do something like that? But then, Sky knew he was being stupid. There is no way that the phantom could even know something like that. Any memories of his best friend, of Ty, were all in his memories, and only his now.

"Say," mumbled Ty. "You won't forget about me when you're a rich king and stuff, right?"

"Pfft! No way!" Sky laughed, nudging him playfully. 'But if you're not convinced, you can be my wife if ya want." This was rewarded by an elbow to the older boy's ribs.

"You're gross." Ty snickered, fiddling with his headphones. No, they did not play music, they were for communication, and Sky had a yellow pair that he didn't wear like Ty. Ty wore them, like they were stuck to his ears.

"Don't you love me??" Whined Sky.

"No way. You're too ugly." Ty grinned and was tackled to the ground by his friend. They laughed and rolled around, calling each other childish things. Ty was eventually overpowered, and was pinned to the ground, the two still laughing breathlessly.

"You don't mean that though, right?" Sky said, frowning at Ty.

"Of course not, even with your stupid glasses." Sky groaned while Ty made stupid kissy faces. "You'll be an awesome king one say you know. All they girls are gonna fell head over heels for you."

 "I know," Sky grinned. Ty simply rolled his eyes.

"You better promise me you won't forget. Cos if you do, I'll be real sad." Sky smiled, hugging his friend tightly.

"Of course! I'd never forget you! You're my best friend." Ty smiled, hugging his friend back with just as much enthusiasm.

"I believe you."

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