How much father can you go?

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A/N Before the story starts I would like to say a huge thanks to all you readers. 5k+ reads. Omg I'm getting emotional. I never thought this story would be such a big hit and I cant even describe how happy I am because I am too happy. I swear to cap if this book gets 10k reads then Thank you all and enjoy the book. Also WARNING THIS CHAPTER CONTAINS POPTARTS IF YOU CRAVE POPTARTS FROM JUST READING THIS THEN GET YOURSELF A POPTART BEFORE READING-Eli/FireWing)

I awoke to my right shoulder feeling oddly heavy and looked to see Peter fast asleep leaning against me.

I couldn't help but smile.

I slowly got up and placed Peter's head on a pillow and went to go make me some coffee.

After my coffee I headed to my lab.

"Friday let me know when Peter wakes up" I told Friday as I was in the elevator.

Sure thing Friday replied.

I walked into my lab and took in the nice view and started on my work.

~3 hours later~

Sir Peter is awake.

Friday informed and I put a screwdriver down and wiped my hands on a cloth.

"Thanks Fri" I replied back and headed into the elevator.

I awoke and sat up realizing I had fallen asleep on the couch.

I looked around but Mr.Stark was nowhere to be seen.

"Um Friday where is Mr.stark" I asked hesitantly.

He is on his way up. Friday replied and I felt relief that he was actually awake.

Just then I heard the elevator open and Mr.Stark step out.

"Morning kid" he said before sipping his coffee and heading to the kitchen.

"Mornin" I said sleepily before rubbing my eyes and stretching.

I got up and walked to the kitchen and sat down on the stool.

I put my head down on the counter and almost fell back asleep.

"So what do you what for breakfast sleepyhead" Mr.Stark asked me as he looked in the fridge.

"Just sm poptarts" I said still half asleep.

I heard the sound of poptarts being put in the toaster.

It was quiet this morning.

No sound of Friday,the news channel, even the cars were quiet today.

The sound of the toaster echoed through the kitchen and I watched as Tony handed me the poptarts.

I grabbed one and dug into it the strawberry filling oozing into my mouth.

"Thanks Mr.Stark" I said through a mouthful.

"We are gonna have visitors today" Mr.Stark said and I stopped eating my poptart.

"Who is it" I asked hoping he didn't say the whole avengers crew because that would be terrafying and awesome at the same time and I would probably start mega fangirling.

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