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I woke up to FRIDAY'S alarm going off and I jumped out of bed and asked what was wrong.

Spiderman has been spotted not far away. Friday replied.

I rubbed my eyes sleepily and walked to the kitchen and made myself a quick cup of coffee.

I basically chugged it while brushing my hair and teeth and quickly jumped into my suit and flew to the location FRIDAY gave me.

I saw spiderman fighting a whole gang of.......elderly? Why the heck would elderly be attacking him.

I watched as the elderly threw grocery items at him and I laughed to myself.

I flew up behind an elderly and she almost smacked me with her cane from fright.

"Oh good. This spiderboy just webbed up our caretaker that works at the elderly home and says he's a wanted criminal or some nincompoop.

But he hasn't done a thing to us and he is the kindest caretaker I know."

I stood there questioning if I should bother talking to him and almost flew off when I saw the face of the caretaker.

Holy shit he was right.

It was Greg Filbert and he WAS A wanted criminal.

I flew to spidermans side and explained to the elders that he was in disguise.

I grabbed him and flew him to the police station then flew back to see spiderman and the elders all gone.

"Shit FRI locate spiderman."

Sir he was spotted by the drug store.

I flew over to the drug store and looked around.

"Where exactly?" Tony asked with a confused tone.

FRIDAY replied. I don't know sir he disappeared a few minutes ago.

I sighed and started to walk off when I heard a strange sound from the alleyway.

Peters POV
I quickly swung into my alleyway still shocked at what the elders had done to me and I wiped away a piece of tomato.

I took my suit off and hid it in that small crack I always hid it in and looked around.

All of a sudden I heard the familiar sound of Ironmans thrusters and I quickly ducked but smacked my head hard against the handle of the garbage dump and everything went black.

Tonys POV
I walked towards the sound and saw a young boy probably around 14 or 15 laying on the ground motionless.

He had a full setup here and it came to mind that he was probably homeless since he was super skinny and had ragged looking clothes.

I shook him lightly but he didn't respond and I got worried for the poor kid.

I looked at him to see if he was hurt or just in a deep sleep and saw a really bad and infected looking puncture in his leg. I shook him again a little harder this time.

Still no response so started to worry.

I picked up the kid and flew to the avengers tower.

"FRI tell Bruce to get his medical shit N stuff ready." I said as I was halfway to the AT (Avengers Tower) and I landed quickly walking inside and up the elevator to Pepper's and my floor.

Bruce was waiting with his medical stuff and motioned me to put him on the couch.

I placed him down carefully and let Bruce examine theb poor boy.

"He is very malnourished and hasn't had much food or water." Bruce said concerned.

"He also has a very bad and infected wounds in his leg caused by a bullet and a concussion" He said examining the wound that was still partly bleeding and had alot of pus around it.

"Will he be ok?" Tony asked worried and he shifted his weight.

Bruce nodded and picked up the boy who was extremely light for his age.

"I'll take him to my medic room. He can be better treated there." With that Bruce walked into the elevator and up to his floor

Peter POV
I awoke and rubbed my head from the pain. I opened my eyes and saw white everywhere.

"What the heck?" I said forcing myself up to a sitting position on the bed. I looked around and saw some stuff attached to my arms.

I groaned and lay back down.

Tonys POV
Sir the boy is awake. FRIDAY stated.

"Kay thanks FRI." I said and walked to the elevator and listened to some shitty elevator music.

The elevator opened and I walked in and headed to the medical room on Bruce's floor.

I opened the door slowly and the boy almost fell out of bed when I came in.

"Morning." I said cheerfully watching the boys frightened face.

He didn't say anything but looked as though he was ready to run.

I calmly walked towards him and kneeled by his bed.

"Brought u something." And I handed him a bologna sandwich.

I watched as he took it cautiously and took 3 bites before placing it down on the bed.

"Not hungry?" I questioned and was quite surprised since he looked so skinny.

He lay down and rolled over and I guessed he was pretty tired so I got up and left the room.

Peters POV
I awoke and remembered where I was and jolted up but saw nothing except the normal room.

I felt better than before and shifted myself so u was sitting at the edge of the bed and saw my leg all bandaged up.

I pulled the stupid stuff out of my arms and got up noticing my clothes were different

I was in a black t shirt that was too big for me and some navy blue striped draw string shorts.

What the heck is this I thought as I looked at the door then to the window then back to the door before walking over to the window.

I opened it and saw the tiny cars and people down below and the dark night sky.

I'm so high I thought excitedly and thought about how much fun it would be to swing from here.

MY BACKPACK! I thought aloud and looked all around the room but saw it nowhere.

I looked at the window and made my decision.

It was dark out and so I slowly crept out of the window and swung to my alleyway.

I avoided the main streets and mainly swung through the back area. I finally got to my alleyway and it felt good to be in a familiar place.

I lay down on the garbage dump and stared at the stars, all my worries gone and fell asleep there.

Bruce POV
I heard a strange sound coming from the patients room and opened the door to see am empty bed and cords all over the floor.

I looked around for some clues and saw the open window.

Oh God. I thought and looked out the window to the ground but saw no lifeless body, blood or anything.

I felt relieved but was still worried about where the kid went and if he was ok.

I walked to my phone and grabbed it, calling Tony.

"Hello?" Tony said, the sound of a drill stopping.

"Uh Tony the kids gone" Bruce said worried. There was silence on the other end and then he spoke up "wait so the kid died? " Tony asked confused. "No the kid is GONE like dissappeared or escaped or something." Bruce said with a slightly annoyed tone. "WHAT?"

A/N EYO FINALLY AN UPDATE ALSO WOW #213 in homeless. Glad u all like it and I will try to update sooner but it's hard with all the studying and stuff 😑 BAI -Eli

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