Run Peter Run

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(WARNING Tony being very stoopid plz read with CAUTION)

I walked lazily down the sidewalks getting elbowed or pushed every once in a while.

It was crowded with people rushing to get to there destination and most didnt even look where they were going.

I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and forced myself to keep walking and to not stop for sleep.

The though of being sent to an orphanage haunted me and kept me motivated.

I walked for a few minutes and soon my mouth felt very parched.

I wished I had water but I couldn't risk being caught in the conversation of doom.

As I walked I tried to say the alphabet backwards in my head to keep my mind off of how thirsty I was and just my luck it started raining.

I walked through the rain which had gone from a small sun shower to a frigging downpour in less than 5 minutes.

The rain didnt stop me and I kept moving determined to get as far from this hellhole as possible.

I awoke and groaned as the bright sun hit my face,specifically where my eyes were.

Thanks alot SUN, I thought to myself and rolled over starting to fall asleep again.

"Tony you gotta get up" Pepper told me and opened the curtains more.

"HISSS the light" I said before putting my pillow over my head.

"Cmon you have a meeting at 1 and it's already 12" Pepper said as she took away my pillow and blankets.

"Fiine" I said and sat up completely zombified.

I got dressed and made myself a nice warm cup of coffee to start the day.

Sir happy is waiting for you out front. Friday said cheerfully.

Ugh I forgot to program friday to not be a morning person.

I said to myself as I got dressed and went into the elevator.

I sipped my coffee while listening to the boring elevator music for a good minute before the doors opened.

"Ready to go" Happy asked opening the door for me.

"I'd rather be sleeping" I said and got in the back seat as I grabbed a towel and dried my suit off.

He closed the door and got in the drivers seat turning on the windshield wipers.

I made another cup of coffee on the way there and did some thinking about what I could add to my iron man suit while listening to the pitter patter of the rain hitting the car.

My thoughts were interrupted as the car screeched to a stop.

"HOLY SHIT!!" I heard happy yell as this kid ran across the road.

He was soaked from the rain and had short black hair (from the rain making his hair look darker) and he looked so paranoid looking everywhere every second.

it was so weird because the kid didn't even notice the car or look up, all he did was keep running at a slow pace.

Strange, I thought to myself.

Happy continued to drive and we soon got there.

I got out and happy zoomed off not even saying bye or good luck.

I quickly walked into the building and headed to the elevator.

OUT OF ORDER?! I said in my head. They expect ME Tony stark to walk up STAIRS how rude.

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