Oh for PizzaSake

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(WARNING:PIZZA GETS DROPPED. IF YOU LOVE PUZZA THEN PLEASE READ WITH CAUTION and if you are a pizza or have a pizza with you to cover the pizzas eyes or dont read last paragraph)

Peters POV
I awoke with a fright to the sound of a loud high pitched beeping noise and the smell of smoke.

I jumped out of bed and remembered where I was. I quickly walked out of the bedroom and followed the smoke to where it came from.

To my surprise Tony was apparently trying to make bacon and eggs but the bacon had burnt badly.

I saw him open the stove and smoke poured out and he stared at the flaming bacon.

He grabbed the first liquid thing in his reach, which was oil and he poured it on only to make it worse and too top that all off Tony's arm had caught fire.

I facepalmed and heard the elevator ding and turned to see Bruce ,who was clearly as surprised as me, drop his medical stuff and run to Tony's aid.

He grabbed a fire extinguisher that was by the elevator and sprayed it all over the fire and Tony, who didnt look pleased at all, until the fire was all out.

JARVIS turned off the fire alarm once detecting there was no more fire.

Once the fire was gone Tony stood there wiping the fire extinguisher stuff (idk what its called) off his face and stood there death glaring Bruce.

"Hey at least I saved you and the place from burning...." he said chuckling slightly.

Tony walked away to the bathroom clearly embarrassed and I heard the sound of a shower start.

Bruce put away the fire extinguisher and grabbed his medical stuff and turned to go to my room to do a checkup on me and was surprised to see me standing there.

"Oh..um hey kid" he said smiling and scratching the back of his head.

"Hi" I said quietly.

"Im just gonna do a quick chekup on you to make sure everything is healing nicely. Is that good with you?" He asked smiling.

I nodded and he led me to the bedroom and put on his stethescope.

He checked my heart,lungs,leg,changed the bandage and even gave me a chocolate bar after finally bribing me to get a needle for blood work.

Halfway through the needle was still getting blood the elevator dinged and you heard A woman scream, probably at the sight of the kitchen and the fire extinguisher foam.

"WHAT HAPPENED HERE!!" Bruce took the needle out and I rubbed my arm to try and sooth the pain.

Tonys POV
I turned off the shower and dried myself off then got dressed and walked out slowly and saw Peppers furious face. I scratched the back of my head.

"I..umm...burnt some bacon..." I replied hesitantly.

Pepper replied coldly. "You.Are.BANNED.from cooking. This was the 3rd time this WEEK." Pepper said clearly tired of me ruining the kitchen even tho we had more than enough money to easily buy a top of the notch stove.

She saw the burns on my arm and her face instantly went from furious to worried and she quickly walked up to me.

"Oh my gosh are you ok?!" She said examining my arm.

"Oh NOW you worry." I said rolling my eyes.

"Ill call Bruce." She said about to grab her phone when Bruce walked out.

"Someone call me?" He said chuckling.

"Yes. Actually." Pepper replied showing Bruce Tony's arm.

"I'm fine is just a couple burns. Nothing Ironman can't handly." I said as Bruce examined my arm.

"Thats some severe burns." Bruce said grabbing a bottle from his med kit and pouring some stuff on each burn.

I gritted my teeth through the stinging pain.

Peters POV
I heard talking and walked out of the bedroom to see Tony,Bruce and a woman who I hadn't seen before.

They seemed pretty distracted and I thought about trying to escape but didn't feel like it was the right time.

I went back to the bedroom and lay down my stomach hurting like hell and I was 90% sure my stomach was going to eat myself inside out.

I stared at the white ceiling and thought about Aunt may and her kind smile and a tear ran down my cheek.

I should've gone with her to get groceries instead of choosing to stay home and play video game, I could've warned her.

I sat up and hugged my legs, my face burying into my knees as tears streamed down my face and I started quietly sobbing to myself.

Tonys POV
After talking to Pepper while Bruce tended to my arm I was banned from cooking until I got cooking lessons, which I didn't want because how embbarrasing would it be for people to see Tony Stark taking COOKING LESSONS so I decided I'd order food from skip the dishes or something for now.

I got up and headed to bed since I was tired and was about to open my door when I heard a quiet sound.

I walked towards the sound quietly and it came from the room Peter was staying in and I realized that the sound was crying.

I slowly opened the door and saw Peter hugging his legs with his face buried in his knees and sobbing.

I slowly walked up to him and say on the bed and comfortingly rubbed his back.

He got frightened a little bit but didn't move or flinch away.

Peters POV
I flinched when I felt someone rub my back but it was oddly comfortinn and I haven't felt comfort ever since Aunt May died.

I sobbed more and more regretting all my decisions when she asked to hang out or have some bonding time and me being the stupid person I am refused and continued to play video games.

"Hey kid you alright?" I heard Tony say concern and sorrow in his voice.

I sniffled not able to speak and continued to sob.

"Hey, its ok kid just let it all out." He continued trying to soothe me.

I cried for a while since I had to keep it all in when I was on the streets so no one would notice me so it had built up and all came out at once.

Sadness,Grief,Regrets,Sorrow and any other emotion in that category.

Tony stayed with me until I stopped and I started to wonder if he actually cared about me and not just because was a helpless teen on the streets.

Tonys POV
I stayed with Peter comforting him every minute or so until all I could hear was hiccups and sniffles instead of sobbs.

It just came to mind that the boy hadn't eaten anything in a while. "Im gonna go make you some food k buddy." I said as I saw him nod slowly and I left the room and ordered some pizza.

Sir the pizza is here. FRIDAY informed.

"Thanks FRI." I said heading down the elavator listening to some pretty decent elevator music.

I paid the guy and went upstairs and slowly opened the door and what I saw made me drop all the pizza.

A/N muahaha evil cliffhanger sorry it took so long. Im running dry of ideas. If you have any let me know thanks for making it this far. -FireWing/E

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