Peter Porker Pt1

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Peters POV
Tony left and I heard a small creak and looked up to see a fist impact with my face first I felt immense pain, then blackness.

I awoke and went to go rub my eyes but something was stopping me from doing so and I looked down seeing a blurry figure. I blinked a lot and I opened my eyes again and I saw that I was strapped to a chair with metal restraints, the room was mainly grey and smelled musky like a metal box left outside that has dead meat inside it. I struggled against the restraints but nothing worked. "Ah Spidey's awake." A man said walking in. He was tall and buff and had black hair with a beautiful black mustache. Fear and worry shot through me.

How did he know. I can pretend I'm not. I thought as I looked down at the floor. "Look at me when I'm speaking!" He yelled, his deep voice echoing around the room and I heard metal drag across concrete. I looked up and saw a metal pole swing into the air and come slamming down onto the ground infront of me.

Show no weakness. I thought over and over as I got more and more frightened. I closed my eyes afraid and then felt a large impact on my head and darkness swept over me again.

Tonys POV
I saw an empty bed and stuff knocked over and a broken window. The glass was on the floor so someone came from outside and possibly stole Peter. I thought as I started freaking out at the thought of Peter going through an even rougher time than already and I quickly went up to where all my suits were kept

"Friday. Did you see who broke in?" I asked frantically while pacing impatiently in the elevator. I waited for the female voice to respond but all I heard was silence. "Fri?" I called out again. Still no response so I got even more frantic. I quickly ran up the fire escape stairs and into my Ironman suit and flew out of the window and around the whole building scanning for any signs of Peter or the kidnapper. I flew around looking everywhere for any sign but found nothing so I flew back inside and decided to try to fix Friday who shurly knew who broke in.

~2 hours later~

TonysPOV (still)
"Friday?" I called out and waited silently. Yes sir? I heard the familar female voice. I let out my breath I was holding in and asked. "Did you see who broke into the bedroom.?" I waited for the response. Yes sir it was a baker named Frich(fr-ih-sh) Streph. Friday reaponded camly.

I ran a background check but it said he had died in a car accident 5 months ago. "Thats weird he apparently should be dead?" I said to myself with a puzzled expression. I paced my lab trying to put the puzzle together and thought about it all night.

"You should go to bed." I turned my head and saw Pepper leaning against the wall with her arms crossed. "I need to solve this puzzle." I said sternly turning my attention while moving a couple paper about the baker and saw no criminal records at all about Frish.

"Fuck!" I cursed just when I had thought I found it out but realized I had to now find out where they were hiding. "Ahem" Pepper said holding open the elevator door. I grumbled but followed the quote *Happy Wife Happy Life* repeating in my head over and over.

We lay down in bed cuddling up together and we both quickly fell asleep peacefully.

I groaned waking up and almost had a heart attack thinking I was falling but realized I was hanging from some sort of conveyor belt. I looked around and saw dead pig bodies and sharp and scary looking things ahead and my spidey senses were screaming at me.

"Ah your awake again. I was beginning to think I had accidentally killed you." Frish chuckled evily through the speakers. I struggled with the restraints more but stopped abruptly when the restraints tightened around my ankles and wrists and got hotter making me clench my teeth together to keep me from yelling out in pain.

"Lets see what Ironman thinks is more important. You or his whole stash of money." Frish said while the musical sound of the phone buttons being pressed echoed through the speakers. "Hello?" A tired sounding stark answerd. "Hello Stark." Frish said and I could practiacaly hear Frish grinning wildly.

I awoke to the sound of the phone ringing. "Who the frick would be calling me at 2 in the morning" I said rubbing my eyes and walked into the livingroom asking Friday to answer the phone. "Hello Stark" I heard an unfamiliar voice say.

"Hello?" I replied tiredly starting to make myself a nice cup of coffee. "I hope I didn't wake you" The voice said sounding worried. "Oh no its fine" I said sipping my fresh glass of coffee. "Good because I heard about a tragic accident about a kidnapper in your tower." I heard him said and I stopped drinking my coffee. I never told anyone and the only people that know is me Pepper and the kidnapper I thought to myself.

"Well I seem to have stumbled across the missing kid" He said and I spot out my coffee all over the kitchen floor. "FRISH?!" I said anger and surprise in my tone realizing the kidnapper was calling. "Ah yes tis I Frish the friendly baker." Frish said laughing evily. "You probably want to hear Peter. Say hello Peter." I heard silence then the sound of a whip crackling and I heard Peter yell out in pain. "NO!" I yelled and quickly went to the elevator pushing the top floor and waited pacing nervously.

"Well STARK. If you want Peter back we've got to make a deal
I give you Peter and the location of him for all your money, gadgets and Ironman suits. Every.Last.Penny." Frish said before hanging up. I stopped pacing and stared wide eyed at the elevator wall. Whats more important this random kid I got off the street or my whole career.

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