I'm still a piece of garbage

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"Im gonna go out to pick up my brand new lambo!" I yelled to Pepper who was in the kitchen making spaghetti.

"Ok be safe!" She yelled as I went down the elevator.

I walked to the car dealership and bought my custom red and gold lamb with a roof that folded up so you can get lots of air.

"That'll be 999 999$ sir.." The dealer said without looking up.

I handed him the money and said "Thanks." The dealer looked up and gaged when he saw me, THE Tony Stark in his dealership.

He walked over to the limo with more emotion "Here it is all shiny and new." Tony thanked him and drove out.

My phone buzzed and he got some buzz feed news on spiderman saving a child from a burning building.

I thought about how much better the avengers team would be with spiderman on their side.

He scrolled through it skim reading and looked up just in time to see him hit a freaking kid.

Tony slammed on the brakes and saw the kid roll to the side of the road.

He quickly got out.

"OMG I HIT A FREAKING KID AND HE LOOKS LIKE HE'S DYING!" He said in a panick as his hands were in his hair almost pulling his hair out.

He saw the kid get up and he looked at the poor scrawny boy and noticed two deep punctures,that were clearly infected in his leg.

"Hey kid are you OK?" Tony said calmly walking over but when he stepped close the kid ran for it not going very fast but fast enough for Tony to not want to chase him.

I looked at the man who hit me with the car and I got frightened as he stepped out of his car and came towards me the first thing that came to mind was orphanage.

I turned and booked it gritting my teeth through the sharp pain that hit my leg and my whole side.

A normal kid probably would've died but I'm spiderman and I can't die that easily. I thought to myself trying to stay positive and take my mind off the pain.

I ran and ran until I got to my alleyway and lay there gasping for breath, tears sliding down my face from the pain.

I held my leg and sat there until I cried myself to sleep.

Tony POV
I drove home looking like I saw a ghost and entered the building.

Sir would you like me to inform Ms Pepper your here? FRIDAY the AI (Artificial Intelegence) said

"Yes" I said, still shaken and worried.

I went up the elevator and pepper came to greet me.

"What happens you look like u saw a ghost!?" I looked at her.

"I sort of accidental hit a kid.... FRIDAY? Scan the whole city for the kid I hit."

FRIDAY replied,Yes sir....... There is signs of the kid by a drug store.

I felt relieved that the kid was being taken care of. I went to bed and thought of his plan to find spiderman.

Peters POV
I awoke in the alleyway(which is right beside the drug store) and got up groaning.

My body was sore but it healed, everything except the bullet wounds healed and I decided to not go to school today.

Rubbing my eyes ,my stomach growled and tried to eat itself.

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