Ow my spidey fingers

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(Warning:NO SWEARS IN THIS CHAPTER. IF YOU LOVE SWEARS THEN I AM SORRY hueheuheue the one innocent chapter)

I awoke to my whole body aching like a thousand people were punching me at once and groaned as I opened my eyes squinting at the bright light as I looked around and saw the familiar white room and remembered what happened.

Thank goodness Mr.Stark saved me I thought to myself as I stared out the window.

I heard footsteps and I pushed myself up to a sitting position just before there was a quiet knock on the door and it slowly opened revealing Bruce Banner.

"Hey there Peter. You feeling ok?" Bruce asked simpatheticaly as he grabbed a stethoscope and gave me a quick checkup.

"Yea just a little sore" I said as he checked my heartbeat.

After he was finished he walked out and left me alone in the room.

I looked around taking I more detail.

The walls were white with some cream coloured stains and the smooth ceiling was also white but had no stains.

The hardwood floor was a white mixed with a light grey and had quite a few stains here and their.

There was a brown wooden stand that had a lamp and a small potted plant next to it and in front of me was a small TV stand with a small TV on it.

To the right of me was a iv dropper stand that had wheels so it was portable.

I lay down and stared at the ceiling thinking about life and then dozed off.

I turned off the TV and sat up from the couch to face him.

"So how is he?" I questioned scratching the back of my head.

"Hes fine. He just has a couple bruises and is still underweight but he is healing quickly" Bruce told me as he made a sandwich.

I stood there no knowing what else to say and walked to the elevator.

"I'm gonna go work on my suit" I said and pushed the button for the lab.

Many hours later

I finished some lab stuff but was more concentrated on what was in my mind.

That kid is in danger as long as he is here and he would be safer in an orphanage and plus I hadn't planned on keeping him anyways.

I just wanted to make sure he was healthy, which he pretty much was. All he had to do was eat more and he'd be fine.

I set down my tools and went into the elevator to chat with Bruce.

I looked out the glass elevator and saw the night sky and the beautiful lit up city.

The elevator stopped and I stepped our and saw Bruce sitting on his couch reading a romance book.

Ugh I always hated romance books and movies.

Why read or watch it when you can go out and experience it in first person.

"Hey Bruce can we chat?" I said sitting next to him on the couch.

"Sure what's on your mind?" He asked as he marked the page he was on before closing it.

I awoke and stared out at the dark window and sat up.

I had had a nightmare about the night uncle Ben was killed and it scared me seeing his pale lifeless body with the bullet hole through his chest.

My eyes adjusted to the darkness and I heard talking.

"Hey Bruce can we chat?" I heard the familiar voice of Tony say.

"Sure what's on your mind?" I heard Bruce say and heard the sound of a book close shut.

"The kids not safe here and I want to start looking for a good orphanage for him" I heard Tony say and my heart shattered.

I guess I'm not wanted here.

I thought as I got up quietly and grabbed my bag from the corner of the room and putting my spiderman suit on.

I opened the window and snuck out shutting it quietly and swung off to a whole different alleyway.

I hid my backpack and swung off to find crime.

I heard the familiar sound of the bank alarm going off and swung to the scene.

I laughed as I saw a person dressed I a barney costume robbing the bank.

I swung up to him and webbed him up in a cocoon.

"Hey barney your not being a good role model for the kids" I said chuckling and tossed him to the police officers who had just arrived.

I swung off and went the opposite direction of avengers tower and I stopped crime on the way to the alleyway I had hid my backpack in.

I landed and took off my suit and shoved it into my bag and started my journey away from here.

I finished chatting with Bruce after convincing him that he would be better off at an orphanage than here and we started searching the internet and found a five star orphanage that looked so well taken care of and saw pictures of happy children and a long table filled with good food and the bedrooms looked so nice too.

"Its perfect I said and looked at the reviews and all of them were good except for 1 hate comment saying they are spoiling these kids rotten.

I clicked on the application for putting a kid in and started to fill it out.

Name:Peter Benjamin Parker
Why:Can't take care of because I am too busy with work and he is not safe here.
Parents:unknown found him on the streets and he says his whole family is dead.

I finished filling it in and closed the laptop yawning and checking the time.

It was 1:34 in the morning so I headed to the elevator and pushed the button to Pepps and my floor.

When I got there I headed straight to bed and cuddled up to Pepper who was already fast asleep.

I thought about Peter and how I would tell him that I'm sending him to the orphanage and how he would react.

I usually have good ideas in my head but this time in my head he was crying and begging me to not send him there and it broke my heart.

I shook my head to rid the thought and moved closer to Pepper putting my hand over her stomach and falling asleep.

A/N YEY I finally finished the next chapter. Poor Peter. Do you think Tony will change his mind or do you think he will stik to his plan even after realizing Peter is gone. Find out in the next chapter called
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