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Peters POV
I awoke just in time to notice me roll off the dumpster and faceplant into the hard cement.

What a nice wakeup call I thought with exaggeration as I got up and brushed myself off.

I remembered what happened and looked at my bandaged leg to confirm it wasn't a dream.

I felt hungry so I opened the dump and rummaged through.

"AHA!" I said out loud as I held up a fully wrapped burrito.

If I didn't leave that place this perfectly good burrito would've gone to waste.

I thought and opened the burrito and took a big bite.

I grabbed my backpack and checked to see if my suit was still in the hole in the wall and it was.

I walked out of the alleyway and headed to school while eating a quarter of the burrito and saving the rest for lunch at school

I entered the doors and Ned ran over to me

"WHERE HAVE U BEEN!" He said excitedly and slightly concerned.

I looked at him and quickly thought of an excuse. "

I..um... I got sick and then a family emergency happened."

Ned looked at me closely as if trying to figure out if I was lying but then said

"Ok." I grabbed my stuff and headed. To class

-Time skip! school is too boring to write about😉-

School ended and I didn't see flash at all today an I hoped he had died in a hole.

But then again, that would be a little harsh so I took it back.

I grabbed my stuff and left, not knowing where Ned was, and I assumed he had already left.

I had also restocked on Web formula in science so that was good and it was basically the only reason I came.

I started to walk out when I saw a familiar looking red and gold limo slowly coming this way and I panicked.

I ran back in the school and went out the emergency door and quickly ran off.

"Shit he's looking for me." I whispered to myself as some people walking by gave me weird looks but I kept my head down and ignored them.

I found my way to the alleyway and lay down behind the garbage dump and fell asleep not long after.


I hung up and went up to Bruce's floor and came in.

I instantly went to the patent room and looked around for clues.

All I saw was an open window and iv drop cords on the floor.

Bruce came in holding the kids jeans that were in the garbage and found a small ID card that said Peter Parker on it and his address on it.

"Let's go check it out." I said to Bruce and we went down the elevator, got in my new limo and headed out.

I drove slowly just incase I saw him anywhere but I had no luck.

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