Chapter 18 - Lust

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Jo wakes up, with a bit of a headache and opens her eyes just a tiny bit, wondering what it is she's laying on. She opens her eyes wider and sees she is on top of Dart, her face on his chest. She smiles, because she feels his arms around her and he snores slightly. She kisses his chest softly and his arms hug her tighter and he mumbles. She laughs softly and licks his chest slowly, making him move a little, still holding her tight. She tries to sit up, but this sleeping man is not having it. Jo gives up and snuggles up to him, drawing circles on his chest and quickly falls asleep again.

Jo wakes up the second time, because Dart is stroking her back and whispers: "Good morning handsome." Dart wraps his arms around her warmly and says: "Good morning beautiful fighter." Jo sits up on top of him and stretches her arms out. She smiles at him and says: "Did you sleep well, holding on to me all night?" He smiles back at her and replies: "Oh yes, it was wonderful, dreamed of you, while holding you. Best sleep possible."

Jo twists and turns to look at her body, most of the bruises are clearing up or gone. She unwraps the bandage on her hand and sees the knuckles are healing up nicely too. She stretches her fingers and although they are a bit stiff, they don't hurt any more. She is relieved and is about to climb out of bed, when Dart grabs a hold of her and pulls her close again. "Hmm, not yet. Stay with me a bit longer." Jo kisses his neck and plays with his hair, but then her phone beeps and she wiggles out of Dart's arms to see who it is. Dart grumbles, but loosens his grip. It's a message from Jake, saying he is proud of her for uploading the video. Video? She checks her Facebook and finds a video on her page, that Dart tagged her in. It's a part of her singing 'Fighter'. Dart sits up as he hears what she's watching, holding the small of her back. He starts to feel a bit nervous, but as soon as Jo looks at him, he knows there is no need to be. Jo smiles and says: "Wow. So many replies and new friends. Heh. I was really into it, huh?" Dart smiles at her and says: "I had to upload it, you looked like a star. And so strong. I'm very proud of you."

She kisses him slowly and then her stomach growls, making her laugh. Dart leans down and kisses her stomach, promising it food very soon. He tells her to hang on to him and scoots over to the edge of the bed, getting up while he holds her close to him. He walks into the kitchen and sets her down on the counter and opens the fridge. "Hmm okay, eggs, bacon and toast. How does that sound?" Jo's stomach answers before her mouth can and she giggles. "It sounds great. And coffee would be nice too." They prepare their breakfast together and sit down at the breakfast bar, eating and talking about last night. Sipping her coffee, Jo looks Dart over and her eyes grow wider. She touches a mark on his shoulder and then finds one on his neck, chest, stomach. She stares with her mouth open at the red spots and bite marks. Dart starts to chuckle and pretends not to notice how shocked she is. In a soft voice she asks: "Dart? Did I do that last night?" He turns to her, trying to pout and nods, but it is way too hard not to smile about it. Jo blushes a deep red and stares at the floor. Dart lifts her chin up and kisses her softly. "Yeah, you were wild Jo. I really thought I was going to die. I have never seen you so wild and confident. But don't feel ashamed. It was exciting, hot, tiring and sometimes a bit scary. But I don't regret a second of it. And neither should you. We fell asleep drained and satisfied." Jo looks into his eyes and sees the memory of last night burning in his eyes. She kisses the mark on his shoulder and says: "Maybe I should kiss them all to make it better." Dart moans and speaks in a hoarse voice: "No. Please don't. I am not recovered yet." Jo grins at him, her eyes shimmering. "Oh really?" She licks her lips, about to lean over again and Dart quickly speaks up: "Dirk is coming over today. And if you do stuff like that, I won't be able to control myself. Not even a little and I promise you, you will not be able to stand for hours."

Jo perks up and says: "Dirk is coming? What about Monica?" Dart lets out a sigh of relief and explains it to her: "Dirk and Monica are both coming and they are bringing the dresses. They want to take some pictures at the locations they want to use. To figure everything out, light, make-up and so on. And to send some of them to Diana to see what she thinks." Jo looks all excited and gets up. "I am going to take a shower. Are you joining me?" She doesn't wait for him and he stays behind to take a few deep breaths and then joins her.

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