Chapter 11🌙 Goblin Vomit

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    "I can't believe you were in the game Crystal. Now what if you got someone disqualified?" The little fairy held her head down as the witch scolded her gently. It was almost like she was talking her younger siblings. When Ivory got back to the announcement room, Aizawa and Present Mic looked over at her. "Well weren't you nonchalant about the situation", Aizawa says. "What do you mean", Ivory asks as she sits next to him. "He means that you just went down there and got your little person..thing whatever it is."

    "Fairy. Crystal is a fairy. Haven't you ever read fantasy novels? I must say your knowledge on mythology is utterly low, can't even recognize what a fairy is when you see one." Present Mic sweats, "riiiight. Anyways, I'm just saying that you were very calm about your fairy being down there." The hero witch cuts her emerald eyes over to the loud blonde, "why should I make a scene and have a bunch of people being curious about my outburst?" Present Mic slumps in his chair, completely defeated through a debate that...wasn't even counted on as a real debate. "You should be ashamed to not know much about Ivory's people", Aizawa teases.

    "Watch it mummy man", the blonde says. The albino laughs at her two friends before having her attention back onto the field. Crystal flutters down to the controls and sits down, making sure she doesn't touch any of the hazardous circles. Midnight continued to explain the rules of the next game, the Calvary Battle in which there would be teams of three to four going after other teams' bandannas. The group with the most points will be in the top four. But what startled Ivory was the look everyone had when the 18+ Rates Hero said this....

"The person who won first place from the obstacle will be worth ten million points!"

Crystal gulped as she too saw all of the menacing looks given to the shivering greenette. "That's your work Crystal", Ivory snickers which makes the fairy whimper. "I-I was only trying to help! He was there at the finish line!"

"Some great rewards come with consequences", Ivory says. Crystal looks down and pokes her bottom lip out, feeling guilty for helping the kid. It was almost like feeding a rabbit to a group of hungry piranhas, which in her case is a nightmare. "Aw don't be so hard on the little thing. And since when did you start becoming wise", Aizawa asks. Crystal holds in a tiny laugh as Ivory cheeks flushed red. "Ehh?! I'm always wise! And I'm not being hard on Crystal." The bandaged man holds in a laugh. "More like clumsy."

    "Hey!" Present Mic laughs as the albino pouts. The trio watched as all the teens were getting into groups, leaving Midoriya to look around in hopes of someone teaming up with him. "Hmm. Someone will team up with Bunny Rabbit", Ivory whispers.
    She watched as people flocked around Bakugou like vultures flying around a dead animal and saw how Midoriya frantically turned his head at everyone who passed him, not acknowledging him one bit because of how many points he was worth just for getting into first place from the obstacle course. Ivory sighs and looks at her peers before fluttering her fingers, glittery green dust blowing through the glass and disappearing into the outside.
   Soon, Uraraka then came over to Midoriya, a smile gracing her face as the boy looked very relieved. Ivory chuckles softly to herself and smiles lightly before Aizawa ruined her mood. "Some great rewards come with consequences."
    "Use your own words and quit having mine bite me back in the ass", Ivory whines.

The two friends then walked over to Iida, seeing (or more so assuming) if he'd be on their team. As the three of them were huddled up, the tallest of the three had said something. Though Ivory couldn't hear, she knew that it was about this game as he left to join Todoroki. "Hm, bummer", Ivory mumbles. She leans her head on her hand as she stares down at everyone boringly. Suddenly, her phone starts to vibrate, signifying that she had received a text message.

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