Chapter 5🌙 A Hunter at USJ pt. 2

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Now, before I get into the chapter, let me explain the hunters in this book.

Hunters: a group of special humans that give off a citrus scent from their pores, which is their way of catching "prey" (meaning magical beings) because the scent is so overwhelming and magical beings have sharp senses. 15% of the human race consist of's not a quirk, they're just born like that. But they can still manifest a quirk...yikes.


      "My~", Victor coos, "it has been quite a while. Hasn't it Ivory? Oh! How are your siblings? I'm sure they're somewhere safe." Ivory could only glare at the man in front of her as she stood up from the rubble-covered floor. "Miss Ivory", Kirishima whispers, "who's this?" Victor leans to the side as if to get a better look at the boys. "Well hello there~! My name's Victor Woods and I'm a Hunter!" Bakugou scoffs, "who cares if you're a hunter or not?" The raven's green eyes dilated for a moment as he let out a cackle.

      "Hahaha! Of course, normal humans wouldn't understand. Right Ivy~?" Ivory growls in anger before charging towards the male. Victor steps to the side, but Ivory was able to latch her hand onto his leather jacket and throw him against the wall. When Victor made contact with the wall, it cracked, creating a small crater. More villains started appearing, but Ivory could tell that they weren't hunters. "Well~", Victor says in a sing-song voice as he spits out blood, "you boys have fun with them. And I'll have fun with your teacher! Sounds good? Great!"

     Nobody even had the time to blink before Victor stood up and grabbed Ivory's long white hair slamming her to the floor, making the floor crumble and buckle as she fell to the next floor below them. Bakugou's and Kirishima's red eyes widened as they watched the witch hero fall through the medium size hole in the hole.


Ivory made contact with the hard floor, making her wheeze from the air that was knocked out of her. She saw Victor jump down and was about to land on her, but Ivory was able to roll to the side before his heavy boots stepped onto her stomach. Victor turns his head in a slow, menacing manner. Ivory stands up straighter and glares at him with her blazing green eyes. "You and the others should've died alongside your mother and father", Victor hisses. He snaps his fingers, a glowing emerald green appearing from across the room.

The witch hero's eyes widen as she saw emerald blades zipping down towards her in a circular-saw motion. She snapped her fingers and teleported to the far corner of the wall behind Victor, watching as the blade lodged into the wall where she once stood. Her eyes widen at the sight of the oh-so familiar double-sided scythe.

 Her eyes widen at the sight of the oh-so familiar double-sided scythe

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Victor's stretches his arm out, hand glowing green. From across the room, the scythe turned the same shade of neon green as his hand. It moves from the wall and zips towards Victor, him catching it with ease. He turns around and smiles at the glaring albino on the other end of the room. "Aw~. Why the long face hun? Be happy to see me again!" He throws the scythe at Ivory, but she was able to jump to the side. Ivory's hands ignite into a green flame before she charged at the raven. Victor smiled wider and charges towards her.

Ivory teleports away before the two could touch the other, making Victor stumble to the floor. He whips his head around the room, looking for the witch. He starts to chuckle and slowly raises up from the floor. "Oh Ivy~. Where are you~?" Victor slowly starts walking around the room, in "search" of Ivory. There wasn't really any place in the room to hide, so he figured that the witch hero was invisible. From up above he was able to hear Kirishima and Bakugou fighting his "allies". Victor sighs, "those idiots don't stand a chance against those damn kids. Right Ivy~!"

     Ivory made herself visible from behind Victor and grabbed the scythe, snatching it away and swinging it in order for the male to let go and be flung to the floor. She held the emerald weapon in her pale hands, glaring down at Victor who only smirked at her. "You are just like your parents. So sweet. So protective. Yet very...naive!" The scythe started glowing and a sizzling sound was heard. "Ouch!" Ivory immediately dropped the weapon to her feet. She watched as the bright glow started to die down, smoke being emitted from where she held the dangerous object.

     Victor smiles brightly at her, but Ivory didn't take the gesture too kindly. "Iron and lemon", Victor says, "a magical beings' worst enemy...but best to use against you for us Hunters." Victor grabs his scythe with ease and twirls the blade, slashing it on Ivory's abdomen. The albino coughed up a little blood and stumbled back from the harsh blow. Victor laughed loudly as he stood up and started walking towards the witch. "Tsk tsk tsk. Didn't Ronan tell you to not let your guard down", Victor questions in a teasing manner. The witch hero shook in anger as she glares at the man before her. She grits her teeth from the pain, but ignores it and bellows, "DON'T YOU DARE SPEAK MY FATHER'S NAME!!!" Ivory started to turn into a glittery-green glow as she roared in anger and struck the floor with her foot.

The floor crackled beneath the two as green light emitted from the ground. Victor watched as the cracks were coming in close towards him. He jumped out of the way, but Ivory was able to levitate him off the floor and throw him against the wall, which he went through due to the impact. "Damn", Ivory mumbled as her magic started to clam down, "I didn't mean to throw him through the wall. Oh well...he isn't done just yet." The witch grunted in pain as she felt more blood coming out of her wound. She fell to the floor and let the pain take over her body. "I'm...sleepy."

"MISS IVORY!!!" Ivory slowly turned her head, seeing Kirishima and Bakugou jump down from the hole above and run towards her. Kirishima's red eyes widened as he watched the blood seep through her almost revealing hero outfit. "Bakugou! Help me get Miss Ivory out of here", Kirishima said as he picked up the woman. "Seems like you have her already", Bakugou says harshly. The ash-blonde followed in behind Kirishima, looking around the room to make sure that nobody was watching them.

     Ivory's half-lidded eyes peeked up at the red haired student. "Please stay awake Miss Ivory", Kirishima shouted. "Don't fucking die on us", Bakugou shouted.

"But...I'm so....sleepy~."

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