Chapter 6🌙 Herbs & Care

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In the end, the heroes finally came and the villains got arrested, minus the three, Shigaraki, Kurogiri, and Victor. Ivory, Aizawa, and Midoriya were being treated, considering the fact that they got the most damage from the attack. Well, Midoriya just needed to get his arm bandaged, but the witch and underground hero, was a different story. Aizawa suffered from the decaying quirk of the hand-wearing villain and the blows from the large monster known as Nomu.
Ivory had lost a good amount of blood and had poison in her from Victor slashing her across the stomach. Recovery Girl knew she needed much better help than a normal human. She could heal herself, but with her being unconscious, she would have to have another magical being to be of service. So, she called Leo, Barron, and Irene, knowing that they would be of good help.

Once the trio finally got there, they took the witch hero and brought her home, so they wouldn't be seen using actual magic on the albino. Some of the students looked around for their second teacher, wondering where she could've disappeared to so quickly.


      "Come on you two quickly", Leo shouts to the teens that were behind him. Irene said a quick spell that opened the portal to their world. The vines on the door of their old house moved and unraveled as the three walked in through the Fairy Forest with Ivory. They made hast to the house, Barron opening the door while Leo brought Ivory to her bedroom.

 They made hast to the house, Barron opening the door while Leo brought Ivory to her bedroom

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The Cheshire-looking cat places the witch onto the soft bed. Leo starts to unzip the back of the witch's dress until Irene shouted in a panic. "What the hell are you doing", the young witch shouts. Leo looks at her cluelessly, "removing her dress", he says. Irene facepalms her blushing face. "You idiot", she says, "Ivory is a female. You need to respect that!"

"We need to see her wound. Do we not? And plus, I used to take baths with her when we were little and sometimes walk in on her getting dressed." He then blushes a bright red once he realizes what he said. "By accident though!" Irene and Barron just looked at the older male in slight disgust before shaking their heads. "I'm gonna get some potions and herbs from the cellar", Irene says. She then heads for the door, but was startled when Owen, Ellen, and the smaller children ran into the room.

     "We heard something happened to Ivory", Ellen shouts. Leo sighs and closes his eyes, "I'm afraid so. She got attacked during her class' field trip." The little ones' eyes started to tear up as they looked over at their sister who was still unconscious. "I-is she leaving us like mommy and daddy did", Ezekiel asks. Barron's eyes widen before shaking his head, "no no no. Of course not, she just needs to be healed." Sasaki, Alaine, Ezekiel, and Marie held onto each other while tears streamed their rosy cheeks. Austin and Carson looks down at them, "we're gonna go outside", Austin says. Carson nods his head in agreement with the decision before lightly pushing the little ones out with Austin following behind.

     Besides Leo and Barron, Marcus, Owen, and Ellen were the only ones who stayed behind. They watched as Leo put Ivory's shorts on, but kept a shirt off of her so he could examine the wound properly. The male could tell that the witch hero's wound was trying to heal itself immediately. But because Ivory was unconscious, the wound was closing at a tortoise pace. Green glitter illuminated on the ends of the large gash.

     Barron and Leo sign in relief, "good", Leo whispers, "her magic is working on healing her." Barron nods his head before turning his head along with the other three siblings. Irene stepped into the room with three jars in her hands. She walked over carefully to Ivory's bed, making sure she didn't drop and shatter the jars. Leo smiles as he takes the jars and sets them beside him. "Thank you Irene", he says, "now, if you all don't mind. I'd like to be able to work on Ivory. So I'm gonna need you all to step out."

      The five siblings looked at each other, worry laced into their faces before nodding slowly and walking out of the room at a minimum pace. Leo sighs heavily before turning around to his childhood best friend. The usual playful male couldn't feel anything else but worry and determination to help Ivory out.


Barron sat on the third to last step. He was biting at his thumbnail as he stared at the wooden floor. He then saw a pair of purple and white socks come into his view. "Hey." He looks up to see Austin standing in front of him. Barron smiles sheepishly before scooting over and letting his younger brother sit next to him. "You're thinking about Ivory aren't you", Austin asks. Barron sighs before running his slender fingers through his unruly dark brown hair. "Who isn't", Barron asks. Austin's murky purple eyes stared back at Barron's green eyes before sighing.

      "Yeah you're right." The two sat in silence, only listening to the children's happy voices outside. But they soon heard the door from upstairs open and footsteps walking towards the wooden staircase. The quickly turned their heads around to see Leo  smiling at them. "Ivory's gonna be fine", he says, "she just needs to rest." Barron sighs heavily as if he's been holding his breath while Austin smiles and pats his older brother's back.

      "I'll let the others know", Austin says.

I know this chapter was super short! But I will try to make the next chapter a bit longer than this. Also! Thank you all for over 700 reads😍!!!

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