Chapter 10🌙 Fairy Companion

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An update!!! Finally! Enjoy~ ☺️

     And here we are now, the students of UA all coming out from the tunnels as Present Mic introduced each of the classes. Ivory hummed as she held a pretzel stick in between her lips. She looked up at the ceiling in boredom. She would have rathered stayed home working on a few new potions and teaching her siblings about different effects to magic. "You don't seem to interested in this." The albino turns to face mummy Aizawa (because he was wrapped like one in her opinion) and eats the pretzel in her mouth. Ivory sits up properly and stares at the kids on the field. "I feel like time is just going too slow for me", she says. Aizawa chuckles tiredly, "you were never one for games were you?"

"If it pertains to sports, yes. I'm not one for games."

"But didn't your people have games like this?"

"Yeah but they used magic. It was entertaining. It didn't drag on at the beginning and then work it's way up to be interesting!"

"Ivory I really don't understand you", Present Mic says.

"I can never understand you when you're yelling. You know what....I'm just gonna be quiet until later."

The two men chuckled at the young witch as they put their attention back onto Midnight who was going over the regulations of the obstacle. Ivory also looked over at the woman and grimaced at her choice of design for a hero costume. "Does she seriously have to where something like that", Ivory asks. "At least this is a bit better than her first", Aizawa says, "and what about yours?"

"Hey just because my breasts are out in the open and it's a somewhat revealing costume doesn't mean–, agh I'm just gonna be quiet like I said."

"My point exactly. Plus it works well with her quirk."

"Shut up Aizawa or I feed you to the Wendigos."

Then a thought came across Ivory's mind as the loud and obnoxious blonde started counting down.

Where on earth is Crystal?


Down below as the students listened to Present Mic count down, a certain fairy wiggled out of the collar of Todoroki's gym uniform. He was so focused on getting through the ridiculously narrow tunnel that he didn't notice the fairy that took a liking to him by his side. Crystal looks around and once the countdown finishes, everyone starts running. The little grey and white fairy squeaks in surprise as she holds onto the boy's shirt. Oh my goodness I don't know how I got into this situation! Please help Ivory!

The air begin to feel cold as she looked down, seeing ice forming and some of the students getting stuck. She saw that half of Class A were able to dodge that attack and make it through without having popsicles for legs. She awes at the teens and looks up at one who was jumping from ball to ball that looked to be from his hair. He said something to Todoroki, she wasn't sure she doesn't speak human very well, and right when the purple haired kid seemed close, he had hit something metal.

I can not take this anymore. Humans are getting frozen and smacked by metal! What's next?! In a panic, Crystal wiggles her hips from the prison called a shirt collar and just sits on Todoroki's shoulder, sighing in relief afterwards. She shrieks again when she feels that she's above ground and soon going back down. She looks up at what casted a shadow over, seeing that there were two robots?, (again the little fairy doesn't quite understand humans) that had been frozen in weird angles. She could hear Todoroki saying something about them not following him because the robots would fall in different angles. And sure enough the robots started to crumble.

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