Chapter 2🌙 A Witch's First Crazy Day

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Now. In the Seeks' realm, the sun was rising slowly, emitting it's beautiful orange and yellow colors which were slowly replacing the calm indigo blue of the night, letting all the creatures of this beautiful place know that it was morning time.

But the creatures of the realm decided to sleep in just for a little longer before they all started their day. That is until they heard a scream. Each one of them jolted from the loud shrill. From the fairies fluttering out of their warm cozy homes in the trees to the mermaids in the cool sea to the ogres in their damp caves.

When they realized that it wasn't a threat, they all tried to lull themselves back to sleep, but multiple shouts were then heard from the only house that resides in the Seeks' realm.

   And now here we are at the Seeks' home. With the twelve children, one being the eldest who was rushing around the house trying to get ready for her first day of teaching. The little children slowly sat up from their comfy beds while the kids who were a little older rushed to see what was the problem.

"Ivory what the hell", Marcus shouts, "you woke me up from a good sleep!" Ivory pushes past her little siblings and rushes up the stairs, sometimes slipping on a few toys. She groans in annoyance as she sees who's toys it is. "Sasaki! Alaine! I've told you two to clean up after yourselves!" Sasaki peeks her head out of the door, the room next to the pink haired girl's door also opened, a little blue haired girl appearing.

   Sasaki grins sheepishly, "s-sorry sis. We just got tired the other day, so we just left it there." Ivory's face softens then sighs heavily as she gives the two a kiss on top of their heads. "It's fine I guess. Just please have this mess cleaned up while I'm gone okay." Sasaki and Alaine nod their heads in sync before running down the stairs. Ivory looks over at the message that tinged through her phone and shrieks in a panic. "Oh my goodness I'm so late! So very late!"

   You see. In their realm, time is quite different here. Like for example, right now the sun has come up and it's only 6:45am. But outside of the realm, it was three hours ahead, making it 9:45. Being a hero was one thing for Ivory, to where she just had to go whenever she was needed, while being a teacher she had to be there on time.

"Lady Luck why aren't you on my side today", she asks to no one in particular. She runs down the stairs to see everyone, who was still in their sleep wear, all socializing and slowly starting to wake up. "Barron I'm leaving you in charge okay", Ivory says as she gives him a kiss on top of his head. "Are you not gonna eat", he asks. Ivory continues to give her other brothers and sisters a kiss too.

"No time! I'm already so late. Leo will be here soon to teach the little ones okay? And please watch Marcus and Ellen....I don't need them causing trouble to the residents here." Ivory laughs as she hears her two troublemaking siblings complain.

"Okay I'll see you guys later! Bye!"

"Bye sis!"


Back at UA where they were waiting for the witch hero to come.....

"So....Mr. Aizawa who are we waiting for", Midoriya asks. "For the love of god can we just start hero training", Bakugou shouts his question. Aizawa sighs, "we could if she would just get–."


   A 'pop' and lime green smoke appears as a woman with a large witch's hat and almost revealing clothes came out of that mist. She slightly somersaulted on the floor and landed flat on her back once she stopped. She groans and looks up at Aizawa and All Might. She chuckles sheepishly. "H-hey~, sorry I'm late?" Aizawa only rolls his eyes and then raises her hat up to see her face, which was red from embarrassment.

Whispers filtered the class as she was helped up by her raven-haired and blonde-haired friends. She turned to the class and waved. "Hello! Oops." Her hat fell in front of her eyes, making a few giggles and chuckles ring throughout the class. She then fixes her hat again, but it just falls right back! Ivory huffs and pouts childishly and she snaps her fingers together. Green sparkly glitter starts to surround her witch hat which starts to float. "Stay", Ivory says.

     "Oh my god it's Witching Hour", Midoriya shouts as his eyes start to sparkle and he blushes. Everyone then starts to happily chat about the witch hero that stood before them.

   "Well", the witch hero says, "since I'll be your guys' teacher alongside Aizawa. You all can just call me Ivory!"

    "Okay. Now that you've seen who your second teacher is", All Might says, "we can now start hero training!"

    Ivory happily claps her hands, "Oh how exciting! I get to see everyone's quirks!"

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