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Zoey P.O.V.

I wanted to burst into tears. I walked into the bedroom and Caleb stood there in a suit and tie looking so handsome.

There was a rose petal trail leading me over to him and I followed it until I was standing right in front of him.

Our daughter was at his parent's house. I came back to my condo because Caleb texted me that he needed me for something before I was able to move out.

We were all packed up and ready to go. We'd officially decided to leave Atlanta and move to Chicago. Caleb already has plans to open up a nightclub out there expanding his business.

Caleb took my hand and got down on one knee as I stood in front of him.

When I came into the condo and it was all dark I didn't know what to think. I called out for Caleb and got no answer.

I made my way back here to the bedroom and this is where I found him.

The room was only lit by candles and the setting was so romantic.

"Babe," I said as tears ran down my cheeks.

"Zoey, love of my life you are one of a kind. From the moment we met I knew you were different. Not only did you know what you wanted right away you forced me into moving out of my comfort zone. Through all the highs and lows we've gone through I knew if this moment were to ever happen it'd be with you. You have not only given me a beautiful baby girl. But you are currently carrying my baby boy. You have helped me turn my life around for the better and give it so much meaning. Before you I shared my bed with a different woman every night. I'd never shared my heart with any of those women though. Zoey my heart belongs to you and only you. I want to share my bed with you and only you until the day I take my last breath. I know I'm not perfect but I promise to be the best version of myself for you everyday. Zoey I will love you, protect you, hear you, and value you everyday of our life together. I know this is long and you're probably like babe show me the ring and ask the fucking question already. Zoey with this ring I not only promise to be a husband you can trust, rely on, love, and grow old with. With this ring I promise to always be faithful, understanding, kind and caring, as well as protective over the woman wearing it. So with all that being said. Zoey will you do me the honor of becoming my wife and spending the rest of your life as Mrs. Atwood," Caleb said.

I couldn't speak my man was so romantic.

This was more than I could have ever imagined.

Caleb has this way with his words.

His words mean so much to me. I care what he thinks and what he says.

I love him more than I knew I could ever love a man.

"Yes," I cried.

Caleb opened the box and I was in shock.

The ring was gorgeous.

It was a halo diamond band engagement ring. It was in white gold and so sparkly, I didn't know how many carats it was but it was so gorgeous.

He slipped the ring onto my finger then stood up. He scooped me up into his arms and kissed me.

This is my future husband.

We're getting married! 

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