Chapter 36

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chapter 36 :)


"Mmmm..Shane.." I growl desperately wanting him to do so much more to me. Shane's muscles seem to have grown and his strength is unbelievable right now! He pulls at my shirt wanting me to take it off but I know that the second clothing starts coming off..we won't stop. "No, Shane stop. We can't....oooh..can't do this.." He pulls me hard against his chest, while sucking on the vein of my neck.

"I so bad." I see desire burn in his eyes like a flame. Shane stops to look at me and a sudden spark of something flashes in his eyes.

"Shane?" Something is different about him..he's haughty, irresistable, and tantalizing..all within in seconds of the little sparkle I saw in his eyes.

He slyly grins at me showing off two new and sparkling white fangs. They were long, elegant, yet dangerously sharp. "'re a vampire now?" I squint my eyes in confusion but notice something myself, I can see in the dark now. "Wait, what's happening?"

"I-i don't know..there's no way we both could have changed into full vampires." Shane gets off of me and paces around the room. His eyes spark with conclusion and he rushes over to me. "We're mates..this is the sign Bambi. We're meant to be together. We don't have to wait any more.." He pins me down and kisses down my neck to the vein. He pulls his head up, allowing me to look into his luminous blue eyes. "You know I've waited for this since the first day I saw you." He sounds like he did the first time we met..haughty, rude, too confident..I'm scared that him becoming a vampire has changed him. "Kiss me."

"No." I reply to his rude, demanding tone. A low growl rumbles through his chest in complete annoyance that I denied him.

"Why not." He demands.

"You're scaring me..please get off of me." Shane glares at me and his eyes beam into mine full of fury. "Please.." I tremble. His furious glare disappears into one of content and sorrow.

"I'm sorry baby..I don't know what came over me..I'm so sorry." As quickly as the haughty Shane was was gone, along with the fangs and the unbelievable strength.

"How did you become a vampire so quickly?"

"I didn't. I just had an episode..which means I'm going to be a very powerful vampire when I turn." Great. Just what I wanted to hear. Something else to make his already big head grow.

wait..Does this mean that when he turns into a full vampire..he's going to act like that? " were a completely different person during that episode.."

"What do you mean?" His face is contorted into a look of curiosity.

"You scared me..a lot. You were full of your self, demanding, and..really strong." I stand up and walk towards the broken window. "You aren't going to be like that when you change...are you?" I turn around and face him with worisome eyes.

"I-i don't know Bambi..I don't know."

" the..hell Shane.." A faint mumbling and moaning enters the room from Shane's closet.

"Is that- Jason!" I gasp and rush to the closet. "'s okay. Just relax." Shane and I help him onto the bed.

"Why'd you knock me out ass hole?" Jason is irritated beyond belief and ready to fight Shane.

"It was an accident..I thought you were the intruder.."

"I was behind you the whole time! How could you have thought that dumbass!" Jason stood up rubbing his head. "Where's Cherry?"

"Downstairs..still in the closet.." I smack myself on the forehead remembering that I completely forgot about her again..she's going to hate me.


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