Chapter 3

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Hope yall like this so far!

Chapter 3 :)


I storm up to my room after being completely humiliated by Shane. What an asshole! I officially hate his guts! Let me explain what just happened.

After Shane's rude statement about sleeping with me I finish eating and make some hot chocolate. I always drink hot chocolate when I am upset or need to think..and I just love it. Who doesn't?

I pour a big glass of it and walk into the living room to say goodnight to everyone. That's when everything went ugly. Shane apparently went to the bathroom right before I walked into the living room. He came running up behind me and scared me sending hot chocolate all over my white pajama shirt!

Girls, you know what happens when a white shirt meets liquid. It goes see through. My entire upperbody was exposed as hot chocolate burned my breasts. Not only did it hurt, Shane stood staring at me! He didn't even look away! I shrieked and ran upstairs completely mortified by what just happened. 

I sit in the shower crying as I wash hot chocolate out of my hair and off my body. My breasts aren't burned but they're sensitive now. And my favorite pajama shirt is ruined. On top of that, Tod and Shane have just seen me basically topless. I am mortified.

I lay in my bed while my temper slowly builds and I fight myself from going down stairs and punching Shane in the face myself. He didn't even apologize. He just stood there with his stupid smirk on his face.

Someone knocks at my door and hoping it's Jason I tell them to come in. I feel someone crawl under the covers with me and pull me into a hug. It is warm, and comforting. Jason smells different, it's a really good smell. I didn't know he changed his cologne. "I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to make you spill your hot chocolate. I didn't even know you had a drink in your hand."

My eyes flick open and as much as my body begs me not to, I push Shane out of my bed! "You think you can embarrass me like that and then get in bed with me!"

He looks at me with regret in his eyes..too bad I don't give a shit! He can go to hell. "GET OUT! I HATE YOU! I WILL NEVER LIKE YOU NOW GET OUT!" I lay back down and curl up in my covers trying to calm down. My heart slams into my chest and all I can hear is the blood rushing behind my ears..nothing else. 

"Bambi..please look at me." I don't answer. "Please. I want to know you are listening to me when I say this."

"If I listen will you leave?"

"..if I have to." 

"You do. I'm listening so start talking so you can leave faster." He sighs angrily. 

"I really am sorry. I'm not going to apologize for my flirting but I am sorry for embarrassing you." I continue on staring at the window..refusing to look at him. I hear my door shut a few seconds later.

"Thank God." I pull my pillow over my face and cover my eyes. 

"You seriously don't like me?" I sit up startled.

"You're still here!" My eyebrows form into a V shape and I glare at him. Why can't he get the message! I don't like him! I never will! I never have! 

"Yes! Why don't you like me? I don't understand...I haven't done anything to you." He slaps his hands on his hips and paces around my room. "I flirt with you. I'm nice to you. I pay attention to you! What more do I have to do to get you to like me!" 

My temperature rises and my blood boils with anger. "Why don't you try leaving me alone! I swear you only hear you self talk! I mean do you not hear what I've been telling you for the past few days!? I hate you! You annoy me so much that my skin crawls just at the mention of your name!" 

"Why? What is so annoying about me?" 

"You're haughty. You're arrogant. You're stupid. You're too loud. You're obnoxious. You think the world was made to worship the ground you walk on..I could go on. And on. AND ON." 

His nostrils flare as he begins to breathe heavy. "Is that what you think I'm honestly like that! Well listen up princess, It's only going to get worse." He slams his hands down on my bed and leans over me with cruelty circling his eyes. "If you think I'm arrogant and obnoxious and loud're in for a rude awakening tomorrow sweetheart." He jolts up and walks to my door leaving me trembling in fear. "Goodnight Bambi." And with that, he slams my door. 

I stare at the door in silence. Why is he acting like this? I don't want a boyfriend..I don't want him. I don't want anything to do with him. That's all. I'm not trying to hurt his feelings are anything..I just want to be left alone. I miss the way things used to be. Me and Jason against the world! Not Jason, Tod, Shane, and I against the world. I hate Shane. Everything about him makes my heart rate speed up and my teeth grind! I just want him gone..I want him gone forever. 

*Shane POV*

Why is she such a bitch? I swear she is the only girl who has denied me..ever. And it's not even that that bothers's her attitude. Every little thing I do around her pisses her off! And if what I do now doesn't please the 'princess' well I sure as hell am not going to behave now. She'll wish she never told me off. 

*Annie POV*

"Go away..Shane leave me alone!" I scratch and claw at Shane as he walks towards me. I crawl further into the corner of my room and sob as he reaches for me. "Shane..stop! Please..leave me alone!" 

*Beep Beep Beep*

"No!!" I kick and twist trying to escape his grip as he throws me onto the bed by my shirt, tearing it at the seam. "You're a sick bastard! You honestly by raping me I'll like you!" 

*Beep Beep Beep*

"NO!" My body is thrown forward out of a deep sleep. I gasp for air and wipe sweat off my forehead..that was the worst dream I've ever had. I glance at the time. It's 6:30. "Ah crap! I'm late for working out!" I say as I jump out of bed.

I turn my lights on and go through my dresser trying to find a cute sports bra to wear. Finally I fid my bright purple one and I put it on under a tank top. I pick out some athletic shorts to wear and throw them on.

I put on a little bit of make up and do my hair in a ponytail. "That was record timing!" Grabbing my shoes, I run down the stairs to the front door. 

"Bye Jason! I'll be home around 8!" I holler at his bedroom door and hear a muffled reply.

I jog down the stairs towards the front door to pick up my ipod from off the Cradenza. It's not there! "Uhh, where's my ipod."

I turn on my heels and run into the living room searching for my ipod. "What'cha looking for Annie?"

"My ipod. Have you seen it? I'm late for basketball and go to go."

"Uh I think you might want to ask Shane." I glare at the table I was looking through and turn to Shane.

He is pretending to sing to one of my songs as I reach for my ipod, yanking the head phones out of his ears. "Hey, I was listening to that!"

"And I'm late!" I role my eyes. I bet you he changed the time on my alarm too! I always wake up at 5:45 and today my clock was set for 6:30..looks like I'm going to have to kick his ass when I get home..if i'm not dead. 

They holler bye at me as I leave. I have to be at my basketball workout at exactly 7:00. But I have to ride my bike there because my brother uses the car and I'm not old enough to drive anyways. I have 15 minutes to get there and I live 20 minutes away..I'm screwed. 

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