Chapter 40 part 2

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Hey everyone, thanks for reading! Like my art teacher always says, there's 2,000 bad drawings inside you so it's better to draw them anyway. I'm sure that applies to writing too. If this story isn't good or not your taste, I'm sure my next one will be better! As always, love my fans and readers! Continue on!

Chapter40 part 2


"Oh, Tod...even when life has left your look handsome." I run my fingers gently down his pale, cold cheek. "I am so sorry..I could've saved you.." I bite my lip holding back sobs while looking down at Tod's motionless body. I take off his shirt and set it in the plastic grocery bag Dylan brought me. "This was one of my favorite shirts on you...your tan skin looked beautiful against the white color." I dip a wash cloth into a bucket of warm water and wipe the dried blood off of Tod's face and arms. I trace my fingers down his muscular arms enjoying his soft skin. I dip the wash cloth back into the bucket and then clean off his chest. Poor Tod..these stab marks from Shane's claws are large and deep. It must've hurt like hell! I lean down and rest my lips on the top of his chest, and lovingly kiss all five of the deep, merciless wounds.

"You okay?" I sit up startled. Dylan is leaning against the doorframe to our bedroom, scowling. His hair is tustled and coated in muddy sand. I move my eyes down to his's bruised and slashed, matching his arms. I've never really noticed just how amazingly strong Dylan is until now. His biceps flex as he crosses his arms across his bare chest. Shane was easily a few inches taller and 20 lbs heavier..and yet Dylan came out victorious. I shiver with want as I continue on drinking in Dylan's godly appearance. A large slash begins at his left hip and travels up to the right side of his chest. I know it's inflicting all sorts of pain but it is one sexy battle scar!

I swallow the drool forming in my mouth as i wish Mr. Sexy would do me right here, right now. How dare I think about this right now..."As fine as I can be after losing a best friend. A brother even.." I bring my gaze up to his. His grey eyes are dull and sorrowful.

"I'm sorry."

"For what." I twist the watered down blood out of the wash rag into the bucket.

"Taking too long- i should've-"

"NO- Dylan. It wasn't your fault.." I set the wash cloth on the side of the bucket and then slide off my bed. "You did all you could.." I stand up facing him.."This is my fault."

"Annie, It's no-"

"IT IS." I take a deep breath. "Dylan, it is. I should've taken him inside like you said. I should have protected him." I drop my gaze to the floor and stare at my feet through blurry, watery vision.

"Annie..sweet heart don't cry. He wouldn't want you too." Dylan walks over to me and pulls me into a hug, stifling a groan of pain.

"-You're hurt." I push away and search his body for the location of the pain.

"Dylan!" I gasp. His right shoulder blade is a dark plum color with black and navy splotches. In the center of this massive wound is a welp. "How'd this happen? We need to treat it! Right now! How come you didn't get help immediately! It could be broken! Crushed! Destroyed!!" I ramble on and on furiously, scared and upset with Dylan.

"Sh!" He puts his index finger to my lips. "Calm down. It is going to be taken care of...relax."

" who? When?"

He releases a little chuckle, "soon Annie." He bends down and kisses my hair. "Finish cleaning up Tod so that we can give him a proper burial."

"How are we going to do that? His family and friends can't be here in time...oh no, Jason! How's he going to handle this!" I hold my face in my hands and moan full of stress.

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