Chapter 1

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Ok nvm this is actually chapter 1 lol just think of the last 'chapter' as a preview to a movie type thing. ok here you go!

Chapter 1 for real this time! :)


"Annie I'm home!"

My brother yells as he walks in the door. I hear other people talking too. Great. He brought friends home. Normally any other girl would be like, "Yes guys!" but me..guys better watch out for my brother. I'm 14 and he's 17. His friends are pretty damn hot but if they even look at me wrong, my brother will punch them in the face and kick them out of the house.

My brother plays football and is one of the more popular people at our highschool. I play basketball and softball.

My brother has light brown hair that he spikes up a little, which drives all the girls crazy, and almost golden eyes. We resemble eachother a little bit because we have freckles and the same hair color but other than that I don't see any other way we could possibly look alike!

As for me, I have long wavy hair and I am kind of tall. I'm a little over average heighth but not much. I am in perfect shape, according to my best friend Cheryl. I call her Cherry. Inside joke. I've been told my eyes change color according to my mood but I think they were dropped on their heads as babies. How can eyes change color like that? That's impossible!

Anyways my eyes are a bright blue and complement my face very well. Guys follow me like lost puppies when my brother isn't around but when he is, they avoid me like the plague!

Before highschool I gave up even befriending guys because Jason hated the idea of my being around guys he didn't know. Little did I know it was just an excuse. There's always an excuse!

'His car looks stolen'

'He makes terrible grades. I don't want you around him.'

'I know his brother. End of story.'

'He killed a dog with his car.'

'His hair is too long.'

'He looks suspicious.'

'He reminds me of a guy I knew. He was a bad guy. I don't like this kid now.'

They were all stupid excuses but I went with them because I couldn't rebel against my brother. ever since my parents went missing, he took care of me. How could I turn against him like that?

I sit on my bed flipping through homework and listening to music as I hear footsteps upstairs.

"Hey didn't you hear me?"

"Yea I just didn't feel like replying."

"Wow thanks sis."

"Who are they?" I say nodding to the guys staring at me.

"My friends. What are you doing?"

"Homework. You?"

"We are gonna play some video games. You wanna join?"

"I would..but i don't know that your friends would be cool with that Jason." I whisper.

"Nah they're cool. They suggested it."

Wait what. His friends told him to invite me to play video games and he didn't notice what they're up to? What's going on with him?

"Uh huh..ok I guess. Let me change real quick."

I stand up and watch as my brother's friends' jaws drop. I forgot I was still wearing my bikini from earlier. I had been tanning before I heard my brother pull up. I ran upstairs to my homework to pretend like I had been doing it.

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