Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 :)


"What do you mean?" My heart pounds wildly in my chest while Shane stands just far enough away from me that our lips are barely brushing each other. I can't see anything in the pitch blackness of the room, but I can tell that Shane is focusing on my lips wanting to kiss them.

"You are becoming a vampire, Bambi. Where as already one. I've been one for many, many years."

"How am I becoming a vampire?" Shane's hand reaches up and caresses my cheek causing me to close my eyes in pleasure. "I thought I already was one."

"You were bitten but whoever changed you didn't stay long enough to feed you for a few days until you went through the whole change."

"He told me he had dangerous business to deal with. But that'd he'd come back for me."

"How do you know he will?" Shane questions defensively.

"The last night I was in the hospital, he came back and visited me. He gave me one hell of a kiss and promised me he would. I know he will, Shane. He's not like you." I tease.

"Ouch. I seriously better than him though. Why would you pick him over me?"

"Will you shut up about that right now! I'm scared Shane! I don't know how to deal with becoming a vampire!" I hear him take a shaky breath.

"You're right. If he bit you..then he must have a reason. It's against the law for a vampire to bite an innocent human...the only reason could be.." Shane walks away from me. His footsteps continue to echo through the room so I assume he's pacing.

"The reason could be what? What laws?"

"Our laws. Vampiric Laws. We aren't allowed to bite a human unless they've hurt another human without good reason, or...if they're our soul mate."

"What's a soul mate?"

"It used to be a highly enforced part of our life. A man would only marry his true soul mate, or the woman made especially for him by fate. But in these times..population is so much larger that it's almost impossible to find your soul mate."

"So is that why he bit me? I'm his soul mate?!?" My eyes feel like they could burst into flames I am soo angry. He could have bit me because I'm his soul mate and he leaves me! He leaves me to be left with Shane and his sad attempts to win me over.

"No. He can't be your soul mate. He raped you. A true soul mate would never hurt their soul mate..ever."

"Then why did he do it? And he didn't rape me." I growl.

"I don't know..and yes he did."

"Shane?" After a long silence I ask him the question I've been dying to ask since he brought up soul mates.


"Have you found your soul mate?"

"..I really hope so. But I won't know for sure for a few more days." He won't know for sure? What's that supposed to mean?

"I thought if you were near your soul mate, you just knew. You didn't have to wait a few days to know..why is it different for you?"

"Well, that's true for most vampires..but I'm not 19 I'm not a full vampire yet. I mean I am one..but my full 'powers' haven't come in yet. Those being the ability to see at night, being the ultimate hunter, and ofcourse, finding a soul mate."

"Oh. Why am I becoming one so fast then? I won't be 19 for another 3 years."

"You were bitten. You become a full vampire within days maybe a week of being bitten. I was born one. So it's like puberty..I get half of my powers in between the ages 13-15. Then they completely come in at age 19."

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