Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 :)


"Hey Annie do you mind staying in your room tonight? Me and Tod are going to invite some friends over but I don't want any of them around you."

"How many friends exactly are we talking Jason."

"Just a 60."

"So it's a party."


"And I'm not invited. Thanks bro." I tease.

"No it's not that. I just don't want anyone who could possibly be drunk..around you. And you're grounded so it works out."

"Woa, i'm grounded?!" Did i hear him correctly?

"Yes ma'am. You got suspended."

"How did I get suspended anyways?"

"They found out you left school. Well Shane ratted you out.."

"Figures. So why am I grounded! It's his fault!"

"Don't ask..this is what other parents would do. Just stay in your room please."

"..fine." Jason smiles and leaves my room shutting the door behind him. I've never been to a highschool party but my brother is one of the most popular guys in school. How is this possible.

I find a good show on TV and relax on my bed. An hour later I hear laughing and music and hollering. "And so it begins. Another infamous party I wasn't invited to."

Every 30 minutes the music gets louder and the teenagers down more alcohol. Honestly, this doesn't sound fun at all. Why would you want to down so much alcohol that you can't even remember your name? If you think about it, you're kind of like a zombie when you're drunk. Don't know who or where you are. You can't control what you're doing and you walk around like an idiot doing things sober people wouldn't.

My thoughts are interrupted by a knock at my door. "Hello? Who is it?"


Just who I want to see. I smile and open the door. I am so wrong. "You're definitely not Tod."

"Yea I knooow. My name's Mark."

He barges into my room and shuts my door. "Shane was right. You ARE hot." He shoves me onto my bed and climbs on top of me. "Wanth..shometing tah drank?" His breath smells of hard liquor and dorritos. Ew.

"No I'm ok. Why don't you go back downstairs.."

"Oh I'll go downshtairs..aftah I go upstairs baby." He slurs his words through thin lips and starts pulling at my clothes.

"Get the hell off of me!"

He kisses down my neck, which despite not knowing who he was, felt very good. "Hey relax..I'm bringing the party tah you. Here drank this.." A bottle is opened and nasty liquid is poured into my mouth.

"Stop!" I choke and toss and turn away from the bottle but more and more keeps entering my mouth and to avoid drowning I have to swallow! The cold liquid burns the whole way down and tingles in my nose. "No! No more!"

He starts pulling my shirt off. He chugs some of the nasty liquid giving me time to jump off the bed to run but the room spins and I fall to the floor. He grabs my waist and pins me down. I kick and scream and wriggle as hard as I can trying to get out of this guy's grip! I am not losing my virginity now, and especially not to this random drunk guy! I have to fight even though body is getting heavy, my head is fuzzy and my eyes are slowly wanting to close.

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