Chapter 31

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Chapter 31 :)


*Tod POV*

Her lips taste like warm syrup..sweet and smooth. I feel my cheeks burn as I pull away from her intoxicatingly addictive kiss. My eyes meet her bright blue ones and I see a twinkle in them.

"Wow.." I breathe heavily as I look at her. Her hair cascades like a waterfall down her shoulders. It glistens, even in the low lighting of the room. I clench my jaw as I wait for her response..did she like it? Am I anything compared to Shane? "Did you like that as much as I did?" Her cheeks blush as a scared look spreads across her face. No no no..why's she making that face? I feel a lump in my throat and my body starts to shake. Did I do something wrong? Did I hurt her? My nerves control my voice and I can't seem to choke out anything.

"Sorry.. I'm just really sleepy all of the sudden..see you tomorrow?" She looks away and bites her lip..definitely uncomfortable with this situation.

She doesn't like me. She feels absolutely nothing..nothing! How can I feel such euphoria kissing her and then she looks at me like she's never been more embarrassed! I kissed her and she had no intention of ever doing that with me...ever.

I stuff my hands in my pockets and shake my head as I walk out of the room.."I'm such a loser...a fucking dumbass.." I mumble to myself and close the door behind me. I should have known she wouldn't like me. Why would she when she has two options that blow me away by far- Shane and Dylan. I couldn't date her even if she wanted to...that was just a dumbass mistake all around.

"Why's that." I jump at the sound of Jason's voice suddenly behind me.

"Uh nothing." I turn around to face him. His arms are crossed and he is leaning against the wall to Annie's room. His eyes are slowly turning into a glare..a death glare aimed at me.

"If you...even THINK about touching Annie," Jason puts heavy emphasis on the word 'think', "I will personally make sure you never touch anything ever again." His tone is demanding and very dangerous. I feel like there's a nail in my chest and every word that leaves Jason's mouth pounds it in even deeper.

"I understand." I whisper as I stare any where but Jason's eyes.

"Is there something I should know.." He steps off the wall and walks towards me.

"No. No, definitely not." I panic. He looks like he is going to ring my neck. And i know if we make eye contact he's going to see the lies swimming in my eyes.

"What did you say to Annie? While I wasn't in there?"

"I hope she feels better and she can text me if she ever needs anything. I also said to let me know if Shane ever pulls anything with her." His eyes never move from mine, which stare nervously at the floor. I can literally feel his stare digging into my mind and seeing every thought I've had about Annie..every touch I've imagined doing to her..every kiss I've dreamt of. He knows I'm lying..he has to. He would have moved on by now...I'm so dead.

"I'm going to let that kiss slide because you're my best friend and I hadn't told you you can't date her..but if it happens again.."

"You'll make sure I'll never touch anything ever again." I respond trying to lighten up the mood. He continues to stare at me for a few more seconds and then his mood changes.

"I'm glad I can trust you. I've been really guilty about what happened and I just need to know she's going to be okay from now on."

"You know I would never do anything to hurt her."

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