Chapter 18

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Chapter 18:)



"Hello?" I croak into my cell phone.

"Oh thank gawd you're okay!"

"Cherry it's 4 in the morning..what's wrong?"

"Your house is on fire! Everyone in the neighborhood is watching the firemen put it out! I thought you were inside!"

"Cherry stop with the nonsense. I'm at home right now..nothing's burning." Little did I know I had forgotten that I was sleeping over at Shane's.

"No. You would be dead if you were sleeping at your house. Look around. Where are you?"

I rub my eyes and sit up. I look around at the unfamiliar room. Memory finally snaps into my mind.

"OH MY GAWD! I'll be right there!" I holler into the phone panicked.


"Annie shut up! We're trying to sleep!"

"Jason our house is on fire! Cherry called me!"

"WHAT!" Shane and Jason say simultaneously. Jason jumps off the couch and runs for his keys while Shane trys to unwrap himself out of his covers.

We all run out the door and hurry into the car.

Jason speeds down the roads as I look out my window. People, trees, the's all a blur. Jason is hysterical about our house...I feel..numb.

Jason doesn't even throw the car into park before hopping out of the car and running towards our house. I step out and lock eyes on my home.

*Jason's POV*

My heart pounds in my chest as I run up to her. My home. She is my safe haven. I watched Annie grow up in that house. I taught her how to play sports, read, ride a bike...I did everything a parent would do. She holds every last memory of mom and dad. Our pictures, their clothes, their stuff...memories. She used to stand up on our lawn and represent my life. I saw the happy family that once was in there. She may be small but I love her. Now she crumbles as flames eat her alive. Smoke carries our memories away up to the sky...away from me forever.

I shove firemen and police men out of the way as I run into my burning home. If there was one thing I knew...a thing I know very's football. And breaking past people is what I do. I get through with ease and enter my burning haven.

"NOO! JASON! GET OUT!" I hear Annie's scream full of terror.

I have to save atleast one photo...just one. Tears roll down my face as I run across ash and burnt wood. I can hear mom laughing at me and Annie when we would play in our toy kitchen. I hear dad ruffling the newspaper pages at breakfast. I see mom standing in the kitchen making dinner while I jump up and down anxiously for dad to come home. "Mom! Help me! Make it stop!" I sob into smoke filled air. I feel like a child again as I gasp for air. "I want you to hold me like you did when I was upset! I want you to take care of Annie and boy trouble! We need you! Dad I miss you so much!..You..were the only one who understood me! I miss watching football and basketball with you...please come home.." Loud cries escape my mouth as I drop to my knees allowing me to lose my self control and just scream out to no one. They can't take her..they can't! Where will we go? What will I do! Smoke swarms me and I choke..there's no"Mom..Dad.." Mom walks up to me and holds my face in her hands.

You stay awake. Annie needs you. It's your time yet. We love you.

"Mom!" I gasp for air. "Mom please come back!" I struggle to scream again and collapse to the floor..watching as shadows run to me.

"Get this boy some oxygen!" An angry fireman yells.

"What the hell were you thinking boy! You could have died!"

"I just...needed this.." I weeze. The fireman looks down at my hand. I hold a football and a picture of my family.

"Your parents are going to kill us! Don't ever run into fire again!"

"I don't have parents. I haven't seen them since I was 6."


"Annie..take this.."

She looks down with eyes full of unshed tears. "ARE YOU A FUCKING MORON?"

The medics place something over my mouth and clean air slowly fills my lungs. "YOU COULD HAVE KILLED YOURSELF! ALL FOR A STUPID FOOTBALL!" She throws it angrily to the floor and paces back and forth. "Are you stupid? What would have happened if you died or were seriously injured?!"

I don't answer. It breaks my heart.

*Normal View*

"C'mon Annie. I'll take you to the hospital your brother's going to." Shane soothes me as I pace back and forth pissed at Jason's stupid move. I could care less about my house right now..yea it was my house. I loved it. We can replace it. But jason..I can't replace him..I love him more than anything and to see him burned and weezing makes me freak!

"How could he do something so stupid!"

"I do-" Shane's cut off by a man in uniform.

"Excuse me..Miss Thompson?"


"We have the report on this fire. It was arson."

"Wh-what do you mean."

"Someone deliberately set your house on fire using gasoline and a match of course." I turn pale. "Do you know who would do this to you?"

"..yes.." the weakest response exits my mouth.

"Can we get a name?"

"You don't need one. He's standing right there." My shaky arm raises to point at a figure standing in the crowd. My expression turns numb and lifeless as I stare at the man..a man grimly smiling back at me.

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