Episode 1

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Eighth Period – 11:35
Co-Curricular Activities

🎬 : Jennie Kim

Please don't be there.

I slid the door open, squeezing my eyes shut. Please don't be there. Please, please---


Damn it. That stupid piece of shit that I would do anything to perish into a hellhole is fdkjrjdgd---

I took a deep breath, spun around and smiled. "V." I greeted back, staring at those thick bushes above his eyes.

Taehyung tipped his chair back even further and smirked. Hopefully it topples over in result of snapping both his legs so my position for being this year's best athletic is safely secured.

Half of me wishes to leave, but the other persuades me to say. So I first took a scan around the room to see what kind of students are there and---dang it. Professor McGonagall wanna-be is here, Kim freaking Jisoo.

Don't forget the male Hermione Granger sitting by the window, or better known as Kim Namjoon, the Mr. Know-It-All. He's the son of the famous dentists in HaeCheok Hospital, not surprised when he's dubbed as VXI's brainstormer.

And god, fucking, damn it. Draco Malfoy is also here. That arrogant son of the principal whom regularly emphasizes his father's name when someone gets in his way, Min Yoongi.

Then there was dancer Jung Hoseok sitting by the corner, and Park Jimin dribbling a basketball at the far end.

Those were probably the only six students I could recognize and---oh wait, who's that girl sleeping behind the curtains? Ah, the goth girl.

"Oi, Kim. I'm still talking to you." Taehyung interrupted my thoughts, leaning forward his desk.

I frowned. "Don't address me like that, V. You're still a Kim by birth."

"But a Zhang by adoption." He crossed his arms.

"Whatever. Anyways don't you have some work to do? Like banging Seulgi or Momo? Why are you suddenly a goody-goody kid attending classes now, huh?" I challenged.

The football captain smacked his lips. "Because I'm trying to hit on Mrs. Soo, duh."

I scoffed, "How low can y---"

"Miss. Kim, return to your seat." The form teacher appeared behind me. Crap, now it's too late to skip the class.

I gave one last glare to Taehyung before taking the chair beside a quiet girl with fiery red-blood hair.

"Alright. Good morning, students."

"Morning, Mrs. Soo."

Taehyung, who sat at the very front of the class turned back and wiggled his eyebrows. She's big. He mouthed, cupping his non-existent breasts.

"I would like to announce that VXI High is organizing an outdoor activity program specially dedicated to you, the second year CCA students." Mrs. Soo began.

"It is a three-night camping trip held in one of the rainforest resorts in the East of Seoul, which is the EverTit Forest."

"Ever... what?"

"Sounds like a My Little Pony to me."

"Evertit? WAHAHAH!"

I turned back to glare at the Jimin and an unknown boy. Both of them were equally annoying and dumb to be mocking a forest.

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